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I recently visited the exhibition Less is More at the modern art museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands. There were plenty of interesting works on display but this one might be my favorite. It is called Peinture and it is by Jean-Pierre Raynaud. It consists out of several cans of paint inside a transparent plastic box. The front surface area has the size of a standard canvas. So these cans of paint want to be a painting. Also note that the name of the piece, Peinture, means painting in French. So you can imagine that the artist wants to ask if the potential of paint to become a painting is the same as being a painting. Another way of looking at is within the context of the theme of the exhibition. Less is more. So isn't the ultimate reduction of a painting the paint in their protective shells? I can imagine that that is what this work is all about. :o)

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I don't have anything witty to say. What I notice is how red dominates white, even though there is so much more white. Your view is more conceptual. Probably where the artist is going.
Interesting, and I don't know why :)

No, Mr. Mat Howl - if that is your real name.
Owl assure you, it is not the same.
Otherwise I could be an owlsome painter of owls.

But what if the paint would be used to draw three red circles and 6 white like the covers of the cans. That would not be an owl but it can be considered a painting :o)

You might create an owlsome painting. I will just make an owlful mess and waste paint.

A bucket of paint in your hands might have a better chance of being part of a great painting whereas it would only contribute to an increased amount of trash and crushed hopes and dreams in mine.

By no fault of it's own, the fate of the paint has been altered. Therefore, just the possibility of creating something good is not intrinsic to the paint.

Correlation v. Causation.

Everybody can and should create because it's fun. But only a few are great artists. There is more to a painting than soiling paper.

Have I taken this too far? Maybe :)

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But is the being of a painting really its paint? Is the painted painting not ultimately a derivative of the unpainted painting within the creative impulse of the artist?

Perhaps an alternate title would be: "Instant painting, just add painter and wait." Things to ponder...

Regardless, fun post, and food for thought! ♡

Then I would like to see the complement artwork: Instant painting, just add paint and wait Thankies for the compliments

Np, and yes! Artist just sits on a chair, audience gets to bring them paint and they'll paint with it... maybe, if they feel like it. I'd go to see that! (And wouldn't be wholly surprised if it was done already, haha, lots of performative art out there ofc.)

a good interpretation.

but... developing it more -> 'less [paint] used is more'... more what? possibilities for art? when we are totally lazi and sittion on a chair doing nothing, isnt it 'more possibilities' ?.. seems no, in this case it means just more laziness, and inability to develope your skills and will to grow.

i mean, the exibition title is cool (i've heard this formula before), but, really, one should aim it properly at the stuff worth it. I didnt like the said conceptual art at all -- even it has much more possibilities, than, say, any painting by Gustav Klimt, I'd love his canvas (with less possibilities after it was completed) much more!


All the stuff was really minimalistic haha. So yeah I can understand that minimalism can be view as laziness :o)

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did any more cool stuff get your attention at the said exhibition?.. I love minimalism (well, to some extinction)