The Sisters - Original Abstract Photography

I was lucky enough that during my recent smoke photoshoot, these two towers of smoke came out of the incense burner at the same time and re-intertwined higher up the column. I did a lot of work on the colours here in order to get one of the sisters to go from gold to red and purple and the other one to have a less obvious colour change. One of the sisters is definitely more firey!

The original image was shot as white smoke on a black background and the artistic colouration was interpreted in post-production in photoshop.


This image is also available to purchase as a limited edition (5 editions) digital artwork on my Makersplace store

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again, amazing!

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Thanks, really appreciate the comment.

Really liking this series. I like the color choices, purple and pink are my fav colors :)The smooth curves and twirly shapes are beautiful, nature really is the best visual designer / graphic artist. This is another one that I could see being a jazz fusion album cover

Once you start a jazz fusion band, feel free to let me know if you want to use it ;)

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I think the color choices and blending were a very good choice. Neither color truly overriding the other and both complementing each other. A very nice composition.


This is really stunning Mark.. very magical ❤️

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Lovely - I need to make more time to get creative with my camera. The same stuff can get boring for both myself and those who take time to look at my images.

Yeah, that's true. Nice to have a change from the normal bug images that I do in the warmer months and do some stuff indoors that is more abstract. I have some ideas to do with bubbles, and some with oil and water. Watch this space.

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Awesome. Love these smoke pictures and your editing, so beautiful.