The (lego) Batman [Original Photography]

Hi all, and a happy new year to you!!

I got a bit of batman Lego for Xmas and wanted to get some close-up images of it while at the same time messing around with some lighting and postprocessing in photoshop. I have more Lego on the way as well as some other cool props and effects so that I can build some more involved sets. This one is just a basic shot of batman in front of his batmobile so that I can get a feel for setting this kind of thing up. There are a couple of lights and reflectors at play here, the main focus being a blue light from the right to give a dark, night-time feeling and a red light from the left to just add a bit of contrast and some indication of some street lighting or somesuch. The completely blue image just seemed a bit flat. I also need to fashion some small reflectors to get some backlighting behind the head.


I'm hoping to make some stuff that is a lot more dynamic and atmospheric. I love the work of Mitchel Wu and would love to even get close to some of the stuff he does.

Hope you like it. I'll get some more of this kind of stuff up in the next few weeks all being well.



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Thanks for introducing me to Mitchel Wu. He is great. This Lego Batman is really good it has that dark edge.

Thanks. I think this kind of toy photography is a good place to be in. Seems to be an up and coming market for it.

Better than the quality of most human portaits I'v seen. !giphy batman !trdovoter

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haha, thanks. He's easy to work with. :D

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Ha ha this is awesome! Good call on the bit of red light coming in from the left, that makes a much nicer play of colors across the dark avengers body. I can't quite tell - I assume the batmobile is Lego as well? I like the level of blur there, still very clear what the background is but it really makes Batman the clear focal point. Awesome stuff. I bought my brother-in-law a couple Lego batman sets this Christmas actually and now I kinda feel like I should have bought myself one. Or more than one LOL

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