Smoke And Mirrors - Photography and Manipulation [Original Photography]

Hey all

I've been back in my little home studio setup trying to do some more arty shots to sell on my Makersplace store. The first one here will definitely go on there. I've had a bit of success with selling these on Makersplace; a couple of people have purchased limited edition digital works which is great. Hope you like them too..


Rainbow gradient added in post along with 4 way mirroring


Gradient added - decided to include the incense stick in this one


Simple blue to purple gradient added

And a little look behind the scenes. Black background, two Yongnuo 560IV flashguns, incense burner and a spotlight to help focusing.

Thanks for looking



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Congratulations @markangeltrueman

Such great photography and art!

Thanks, always nice to see you stopping by to leave a comment. Very much appreciated.

Awesome. Makes me want to do more smoke photography. It has been a long time since I messed around with it.

Its so easy to do as well. My next job will be some more intricate painitng in post as opposed to just custom gradients. I've also seen some cool effects where people join a number of these images together to make a common object. I saw one which was a guitar.

Smoke is so beautiful, really cool that you have a setup which allows you to capture that sinuous complexity. Great results! I have a fondness for mirrors, that first one is awesome. Good luck on makersplace, I really need to get off my tentacles and get in to that place.

@tipu curate

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I thought you might like the mirror side of this. Would be interested what your deep dream stuff makes of it.

Beautiful images and your set up, just brilliant!
Amazing result with so little equipment!
I was checking out the makers place, very peculiar concept this one of the unique digital creation. Still trying to understand it :)

Its basically a load of NFT's on Ethereum. Could do something similar on steem now that Steemengine has NFT support.

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Those are fantastic pieces, and I absolutely love your set up!

Cool :) thank you :)

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