First attempt with new dropper [Original Photography]

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Hi guys

So here is the first attempt with the new dropper hardware (see here). Single flash to the right on remote with a blue gel and a bit of contrast and postprocessing. The liquid is just milk which is a bit too thin and falls apart when aiming for higher-bounce drops


Next, I'll be doing water thickened with Xanthan gum to hopefully get some really cool shapes and adding food colouring to mix the colours up a bit.

Might even do a video and some slow-motion video with the 90D if I can get enough light on the subject.

Thanks for looking


Alien mushroom!!!

Used to sell them to the Xzargans. They lapped em up.

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This is so awesome. I have wanted to learn how to do this for so long now.


Thanks Wes. I remember doing this about 15 years ago with a 20D in a dark room with a flash and a really rubbish photogate that would detect when the water drop fell threw it. I kept blowing them up. Was rubbish. This is a load easier.

That is a really nice attempt.

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This is really amazing. Your new hardware is working quite well. Looking forward to colored and thickened water drop pictures.

Wish you a lovely day.