An Inverted Smoke Photo Shoot [Original Photography]

Hi all,

Yesterday I posted a set of images of incense smoke with a black background. I wanted to process a few more from that shoot but this time I inverted the images first and then did some gradient overlays on the smoke, mostly by applying a "Hue" layer over the top of the inverted image. that turned the background white and gave a much more high-key feel to the images. They are the sort of image that I think would go well in a set of three on the wall in my lounge, especially the one with a more vertical composition.





Hope you like these

Thanks for looking



yeah this really changes the feel of them. With this treatment the straighter line / vertical one is my fav, kinda reminds me of a section of a treble clef for some reason. I acted in a micro budget sci fi film a while back called "Spidertron", and the main weapons used were "fleem" pistols, which shot out a whispy smoky looking thing that looked a lot like your results here. Except for it vaporized whatever it contacted, hopefully you didn't experience that result :)

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They are wonderful! Love what you are doing with your new equipment and smoke!

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