An Experiment (that hasn't really worked) - Cream in Water Photographs


I've not posted in a while as I have been busy with work and various other things but found an hour or so to do some experimenting on something I've wanted to try for a while; dropping cream into water.

I have to say that these didn't turn out as good as I thought they would.... they just aren't sharp enough. I think that's down to the glass on my really old square vase. It's different thicknesses and curved in places and at the level of macro here, it's bound to make a difference to the image quality. Gonna need a small glass tank with some 3 or 5mm panes in it to do this kind of thing properly. Anyway, I got a few images out that are shareable to give an idea of the effect.



(inverted to make it look a bit like a jellyfish)

And here's a quick pic of the setup. Two Speedlites, one with a red gel and one with a blue gel, each with a small grid to narrow the light and keep it off the background. The camera is on a tripod and I just drip a drop of cream into the water and shoot it as it falls through.


I'll probably revisit this if I can get hold of a better water receptacle in the future.

Thanks for looking



They are so interesting and beautiful. Thanks for showing your set up too. Love that you are experimenting!!

Thanks! Glad you like em

They look like jelly fish. This is so cool.

Yeah, love the concept but not happy yet with the quality. Also might try some multi-drips with different liquids (maybe acrylic paint)

Beautiful results:) I participated some years ago in a photoshooting like that, as the colour dropper,lol. Some friends did a lot of expreriments with a larger container and the photos were stunning. Be careful, this is a highly addictive activity:)

Addictive and expensive !!

that's still really good!

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Thanks, much appreciated.

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The inverted Jellyfish one really is pretty cool looking. I need to think of a set-up place for next winter if I am still up north here. It has just been to cold lately for picture taking outdoors.

Pretty cold here. Needed an insect/arachnid fix too so just went outside in the dark with a torch and got a couple of nice images of spiders. Will post them up tomorrow.

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