A set of shots from the water dropper. [Original Photography]

Hi all,

Well, to say I am happy with this new DIY kit would be an understatement. Been playing around with various liquids and colour schemes with some pretty cool results which i'll talk about below.

All of these will become available to buy as hi-resolution limited edition digital works on my Makersplace store

The tray at the bottom was a mixture of water thickened with Tylo (a glue paste for cake decorating) as well as some milk for opacity and green food colouring. Drip was the same mixture but with red food colouring. I love the way that the mixture in the middle has formed the perfect graduation from green, through yellow, to red.

Thickened water with a little milk for opacity and red and blue colorings.

Thickened water with red food colouring in the dripper. Water has been tainted slightly by the red colouring. No milk in this one so you can see the difference in opacity. You get a much more crystal-like result.

This is the same with just red food colouring in the thickened water, but with a blue cast added in Photoshop.

I've got a few things I need to change in the timing script on the Arduino. The flash timing adjusts as I adjust the size of the drops and the delay which I don't really want. Also, the second drop size affect the delay so if you start messing with that things get all out of kilter very quickly.

I've got some plans to add some washing up liquid to the tray and maybe have some drips going through bubbles. Should be pretty cool if it works.

Thanks for looking



Awesome! Looks like tiny glass figures.
Especially like the third one...


wooooww amazing

@tipu curate

how did you get this background? Is it a white screen?

Yeah, it's just a piece of white plexiglass.

Beautiful. They are like glass sculptures. These turned out so good.

Looks like a glass figure though

dude the color gradation between the green and red drops is super cool in that first one. Loving these results

videotogif_2018.11.22_16.54.17 (1).gif