A Few London Snapshots [Original Photography]

Hi all,

Spent yesterday wandering around the big smoke. It was a bit of a rush job as we were showing our daughter as many sights as possible but I did manage to capture a few that I am happy to share with you. Conditions were pretty grey so a lot of what I was looking for was in texture and form as well as stuff that would work in black and white.


On parade at Buckingham Palace


Poppies laid at the Cenotaph


A splash of colour at Waterloo


City Hall Closeup


Tower Bridge Abstract


Inside the Tower Bridge engine room


The Shard, City Hall, The Thames and The HMS Belfast


Building abstract on Pudding Lane, the start of the Great Fire of London


Light and dark in the Museum of London


One of the numerous residents

Thanks for looking



Nice photos with amazing geometries :) Cheers :)

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Ooooh really like these! Not sure exactly why but the tower bridge abstract might be my favorite, deceptively simple composition but I really like the contrast in color and the way the curves change slightly as they recede from the angle of the shot. Lots of gems in here!

The geometries and shapes in the city are amazing. I think I could spend hours there looking at how the few hundred-year-old architectures meld with the modern stuff. It's quite a city.

Great photographic composition in your images