Transcendence - mixed media art by @mariandavp

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Do you believe in the existence of soul? I do. I can feel it as this thing inside of me that was old when I was young, but remains young as I get older. It just exists as a voice in my head and my heart and motivates me throughout life.

Sometimes it asks me to do things that are irrational but not the least bit unexpected. And when I finally do what it asks, I find myself transcending into the unknown.

My latest drawing is attempting to capture the essence of that other person in me.



Very cool, with AI becoming such a buzz word these days won't be long before Transcendence could be a real thing

Thanks @chekohler... You open up a great subject (AI) it would take a million drawings.

The eyes are the window to the soul. You captured that exquisitely, Marianda.

Thank you very much @lydon.sipe ❤️

I don't believe in the existence of soul.
But I feel the profoundness of this painting anyhow :-)

That's a compliment, thanks so much!!

beautiful drawing, made with soul, thank you for sharing