The Beauty is in the Mix - art by @mariandavp

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Don't you just love how beautiful and exotic people with mixed ethnicities look?

A few days I went out for a coffee and as I was standing in line I noticed a family waiting in the same line in front of me. The mother was African, the father was Asian and the daughter... An Angel! Sweet black magic little woman with slightly Asian eyes and the fullest lips.

Miss Universe 2030

When I came home I painted her future self, and I think I did produce a beautiful picture but I'm sure it won't match her real future self.

After all God is the greatest artist of all!




mprabo re marianda... gamato 😍

Thank you my dear!

πολυ ωραιο!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ ❤️

Stunning! Love the intricate weaving you did under her neck and on her shoulder.

Thanks! I thought it was it's weakness, so I am really glad you liked it!

You’re welcome! It’s funny how we view certain things as weakness in our art that others come to appreciate.

Muy bonito el trabajo


A la orden