My first 3D artwork using Intelligent 3D Pen SL 300

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Today I finally experimented with the 3D Intelligent Pen SL-300, my brother gave me almost a year ago.

I thought it would be complicated and I wasn't particularly inspired by the grey and blue colors that came with the pen. However, when you have no idea what you are doing, wasting colors you don't like is not a bad thing!

As a first step I drew the rough outline of a tree. Then I used the grey color to create its body. I then used the blue color to give a more festive style to my first 3D creation.

I am not that excited with the result but at least I am not dissapointed. I think I will be able to do quite a few interesting things with my 3D pen!




Its really beautiful and so good that you are experimenting with new tools:) I have friend who is creating art with 3Dpen and resin with amazing results, check her art here if you like and maybe you will get inspired to use it more:)

Omg I am inspired but also quite... INTIMIDATED lol

Lol, me too. But she is working more than 3 years with the tool, so she practiced a lot:)

Looks really cool! I bet if you use it more often you can make some really amazing stuff

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Thanks! I really hope so, cause it's an awesome gadget!


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This is so neat!
Question: Does it come out like ... gooey? And malleable? Or is it pretty much hard?
Thanks for sharing this! Excited to see what other things you create!

Thanks @carrieallen!! The colors are like plastic threads. The pen heats them and they come out gooey but they get cold and dry out really fast. So it takes a bit of practice to manage how much to heat them, how fast the flow and more importantly how to pause the damn thing! 😂😂

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