Cherry blossoms - office art by @mariandavp

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What is Spring if not the warmer nights and the smell of cherry blossoms?

It was a weird Spring indeed but we had more time to notice things. I spent many hours in my garden,especially the nights,observing my trees and for the first time understanding them to be true living creatures.

My cherry tree was one of the most magical creatures in my garden, since it went through major changes in a short period of time. From completely bare to full blossom. I just ate my first cherries for the year from its delicate branches, but the sweetness of the fruit cannot surpass the taste of beauty.



Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year when animals mate. In it, the earth blooms with leaves of green trees that were falling in the fall month. It grows again in the spring .
Spring does not stop for a plant still learning to grow and green. Hope sleeps like a bear between our ribs, waiting for the spring to rise.

I hope you have a fun day.

Thank you for your lyrical comment!


Stunning works of art, spring, night and blooming flowers

Thank you very much @novale!