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Every nap comes to an end.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

Prompt / Theme: Have you seen the trailer for Steem Knights? With a few days before release what are your thoughts?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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steem knights -- a nice concept..
but the thing is it's somewhat like drugwars (can play for free but if want rewards u need to bet on it.) and i think that thing is quite u know like this will i think gonna make issues with the new steemians..

let me know what u think about it..

Well I tried to play a game today for the first time and couldn't find an opponent :/

I don't feel that the placing wagers is ideal for the Steem ecosystem or for new steemians.

Congrats on winning. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍

I haven't send the trailer although I've seen lots of affiliate links coming my way already.

I don't want to spend anymore time looking at screens than I already do so it's unlikely I'll get involved. If it works as an investment, like Steem Monsters does, I might reconsider but hopefully not. 😂

Just thought I'd join in on the affiliate spam :)

From first glances I think it's going to be more plain gameplay based than asset based. Reminds me of the initial Drug Wars funding; paying users from the purchases of other users. Hopefully they'll have a free to play option 🤔

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Just thought I'd join in on the affiliate spam :)


I think it's going to be more plain gameplay based than asset based.

Good to hear. Threre's way less temptation for me that way. 😁

This is a new game and I don't know much about this. I hope they will make a post soon. I want to wait until then. I prefer DEC.

You can see their posts at https://steemit.com/@steemknights

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I don't know anything about this game for the first time I see it thanks to your publication. Do you recommend it? Have you ever played a game similar to this one?

Participating in the contest :D

I'm unable to recommend it at this stage since its being released in 2-3 days time. From what I saw in the trailer and website it seems it could be interesting, though it may be dragged down if they do require a minimum wager in their matches. It's unclear if they will or not from my look over. I hope to see a free to play option.

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I think it might be a fun game so going to try it and I would like some DEC

Congrats on winning. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍


Steem Knight? Never heard of. Will check.
And I want the Sbi please :)

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Thanks for your entry 👍