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Pet's are interesting companions at times..

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 40 mm

Prompt / Theme: What is your experience with pets? How close have you been to a pet?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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I've had a few cats and I liked them and felt close to them. Not that fond of dogs although if I found one I really liked, maybe I'd have it as a pet.

I'm not sure what I'm seeing in your close up pic. I see a nose and some whiskers, but don't know what's at the top. It is interesting though!

I prefer LEOs but either is fine, if I should happen to win. :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

That would be Jasper's disorganised fur :) Lots of it..

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I pretty much grew up having a pet for most of my childhood, and now as an adult with a young daughter we're instilling that joy in her as well.

We rescued our dog Lucy from the local dogs home about a year after our daughter was born and the two of them formed an instant bond. She's very spoiled member of the family now :)

Hey @johndoer123, I bet @evans-adventures has some great stories to tell about his pets

Thanks for your entry 👍

I've never owned a dog, but don't mind them when they're not barking at me through the fence :)

I had a few cats... and it's always terribly sad when they're gone. 😣

Congrats on winning. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍

😔 indeed.

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The neighborhood cat gave birth to 4 kittens November of last year. We found them as we were removing an old cabinet outside our flat that we were giving away. To make the long story short, we eventually adopted the four kittens. It feels good to see them welcoming us as we come home from work every day. Here's Inni now, looking plump and flurry. We've grown to love these cats (no longer kittens now). ^_^Inni.jpg

Hmm. Was the growth from Kitten to Cat sad or a relief? That's a lot of kitten energy :)

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Well the cats were sweeter when they were kittens. Now they tend to run off & come home to feed. 😁😁

@kiokizz, We had one cat when we were kids and she stayed with us for almost 10 years and i have to say that she was brave and the way she protected her babies reflects the essence of lion 🦁 in her. Stay blessed.

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👍 Lioness on duty.

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I pretty much grew up having pet's for most of my childhood and so far adult life, I have had many different pets and while now I look-after unwanted cat's I miss having my dogs, I cried alot when they left earth.

Congrats on winning. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍

Thanks for sharing 👍

How many cats are you looking after?

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There are 12 of them but the family also help to look after them.

Wow, a few :)

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