Creative Coin Updates and Whatnots!

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Creative Coin's First Marketing Video!

@derangedvisions created this amazing video and posted it the other day, but I wanted more people to see it because it is awesome....and he is awesome.

This fantastical video ad contains music and video by me, art by @juliakponsford, and photography by @derangedvisions and @zipporah.

Creative Coin plans to continue with marketing efforts to bring new users to the Steem Blockchain!

50/50 Payout Split!

Creative Coin and Sonic Groove now both have 50/50 payouts!
This means that you will receive half of your post payout in liquid and the other half powered up, just like the payouts with Steem.

You can view this in your wallet history on and/or

This is a much better payout structure than 100% liquid.
Powering up our tokens is how we grow our stake which allows us to give more to others, receive more in curation, and increases the value of the token overall.

Sonic Groove is now on Steempeak! now has Steempeak integration.

Also, just a reminder that we have removed the sell wall for Sonic tokens.
The Sonic Miners (SONICMM) are available on Steem Engine for only 5 Steem each!

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That's a very cool video; looks great!

I'm just really excited to see how active and "hands on" the people behind this tribe are! It all reminds me of a return to the hope Steemit brought, once upon a time... and that just seemed to somewhat fall apart in a storm of greed, along the way. Hope this works out really well for everyone.

And — needless to day — I like that you have CAT curators and competition judges, @isaria!



for @isaria


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that is a great video that @derangedvisions produced and looking forward to his future ones. And great progress on the payout splits... ever forward.

I am really happy with the way the video turned out. I am looking forward to making more stuff to promote our community we are creating.

Hi isaria the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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great piece of marketing, now let us hope it gets viral and great artists join.

That is great! Are you planning to adopt light accounts some time in the future for easier onboarding?

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Awesome promo video and music! Kudos on the works and all you guys doing to the blockchain creative communities. Salute!

Ohhhh, very cool...

love the update and 50\50 post payout @isaria ! And your right , the Video was awesome, very cool and mysterious!! upped 💯 and resteemed ❤👍🙋 #neoxian #palnet #creativecoin