XX Wonderland

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XX Wonderland
Digital Art

I'm indecisive most of the time. I will use that as an advantage.
Applying that in my art shit, I definitely will have some inconsistencies and different personalities. In my digital experimentation shit, it will be more vulgar, non-serious, and silly. Like this one.

I don't see it with my traditional art for now, but it will merge someday.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, me too.

I'll just enjoy my time in my little wonderland.

Some details:





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A very playful art! and very HOT I should say!
You really are a creative person! <3
sana makita tayo! :) <3

Thank you! Tagal mo nawala XD Yeah would be fun to have PH meetups

oonga! hopefully after my military service na! <3

Love it, beautiful in all ways possible.


Thank you! What is trdo? :O

It's a token you can sell on www.steem-engine.com. You can also stake it to call it like I did and give some extra reward to a post. In a while a message should appear and tell you that you received some trendo tokens ;)