We All Have Secrets

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Warning: Contains flashing lights. Might trigger epilepsy.

We All Have Secrets
Digital Art

I have been experimenting with my art lately. This time, animating my photographs on Photoshop and changing colors and shit. I enjoy the process and I love the results!

What happened to the "I'm not gonna focus on digital art atm?"

My focus is still traditional and doing exhibits in the real world. If there's an opportunity to exhibit online, why not coconut.

We All Have Secrets Art.jpg

This is my favorite part of the gif. Expect more of this.


I nearly lost my eyes looking at the GIF lol, it's probably the most blinking things I've seen in a long time. Truth is experimentation is great, it brings out an aspect of us all of a Sudden that week didn't even know was there in the first place. I think you'll do well if you exhibit Online as well. This is definitely cool. The end result is even way cool. Amazing stuff @hiddenblade

Ah shit, I should've put an epilepsy trigger warning. I don't know, but someone might get triggered by this. Thank you for your kind words @josediccus :D Yeah I didn't even know I can pull this off or that I would like this kind of art as well hahah.

Ah shit, I should've put an epilepsy trigger warning

Lol don't worry it's nothing really. Keep up with the creativity. I'm always excited seeing your works

LET'S GO! This was sick! There's a reason your blade's hidden, I'm certain. As for the artwork, I appreciate the risk taking in terms of experimentation. As a matter of fact, I'm in the middle of drafting a piece about what lies at my core; the aim to refocus on what really matters as well. It's things like these that I care about, after all. Keep pushing the envelope.

That gif almost destroyed my eyes, I'm short-sighted and I think my vision is worse now than before

But it's really nice gif, are you a photographer? You take nice photo-portraits, I'd try to do something like that, but I'm uglier than a turd :)

Its really good ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so bad in photoshop, but i will try to learn 👍🏼

Your favorite part of the gif is also my favorite part! I really like it and I don't even know how to put my liking into words so that it doesn't sound like your typical comment-bot fishing for upvotes. Stunning piece of art!

Digging your new GIF ART! very entertaining and attracting. <3
Keep doing what you are doing! there are not many people like you. :)

Awesome.... hey I have a question for you. I notice that some artists are allowed to use @upmewhale bidbot it for huge $10 upvotes.... and others are not. How does this work ? Just curious to know.

Siiiick! (in the good sense)