Super Late Post!! Night Was Well!! Back From Open Mic

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Was a good open mic night! Sung my song for my pals. Then we jammed together for an encore. My friend I've known for about 8 years, met when he was young was there. It's the 10 year anniversary of the pub we go to for open mic so it's good we are all there. We did some drywall work inside the building for them back in 2009 so know the owner well. It was an all around good time! I feel my energy amped. My friend Jared and I.... this friend and I had a band together back in the day. We played open mic here when he turned 18. My song chilled everyone out again tonight, the jam was good too so I was talking about getting Judtopia together again haha.

Here is one of our old songs -

Yea we were pretty edgy and rocking back in the day!!


So yea I gotta keep clearing out the energy. I see allot of great potentials ahead!! Whenever I play live like that and jam with people I feel a little more inspired. Life has been a long time coming. Might as well go to greatest hight of expression that I can with what I have now! I'm going to a concert on the weekend so will use it to continue a momentum of inspiration. I wanna get back into poetry and create some new arts. My friend there was talking about using a game to do a sort of puppeteering to tell a story. I think that is a good idea. We can try that!!


So my friend here back in the day we made some ambient stuff. Some of it off the wall. Let me try to find some here....

Aha this is it I think!!

I like that my friend and I had a diversity of song, sound and approach. Cool yea I want to build on that myself too!! Alright well.. guess it's nighty night time!! Look forward to the next day! Oh yea yea I can feel it, that it can all be grand somehow!


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