Things I do on the phone

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Sometimes people ask me why am I staring at the phone for so long.

The reason is that I create a lot of stuff with these black monoliths.

Some of the things I create are graphics. And the main reason I create such graphics is in order to vent or cope with my issues.

Everyone's got some kind of issue, or issues, right?. At least that's what I've been told.

So, this is not a post about my issues, but rather what I do to not end up jumping a bridge. (I guess I was just trying to find an excuse to show you a bunch of graphics I've created over the last couple of months.)

This was all made using the apps "Over", "Mirrorlab" and "Chromalab".

Get ready to scroll...


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Motivational quotes that won't work, unless you do.

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thanks my friend!

Hope you are doing alright

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I love doing graphics on my phone. Totally get it. Sparkpost and Canva I use, will have to try yoursuggestions. Loved these...specially the last one. It does indeed.

I like the 'press 🔥' one too, and the sound system and seratonin ones. Nice one..

I tried sparkpost for android and it was kind of clumsy!. Haven't tried Canva though.

I'm glad you liked my dabblings :) thank you!!!

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Although I like the visuals as well, I love the serotonin quote :) <3

hehehe thanks a lot @anouk.nox :) you can take it if you want to post it somewhere

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Mucha Gracias! So I downloaded it hehe, but I will give you credits if I use it ;)