Quantum Musings

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Let's begin by assuming the quantum observations are true, therefore 99.9999999% of everything is "empty" space.

That means, you, me, the floor beneath your feet, the walls, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, planet earth, the sun the stars and everything else is mostly void.

This is assumed upon observing the atoms that make the matter in our reality:

An atom is a bit like the universe, oddly empty despite having small condensed points of mass and lots of energy.
Atoms contain almost all of their mass in a tiny nucleus at the center of the atom (like a marble in a soccer stadium). Surrounding that nucleus are the electrons and protons (which have comparably little mass and take up next to no space). That means atoms are almost entirely made of “empty space”.


One can quickly conclude that:

  1. reality is made of matter
  2. matter is made of atoms
  3. atoms are made of mostly empty space

Having assumed that reality is empty, let's take a look at consciousness.

Nobody has ever been able to define consciousness or let alone know where it originates.

I am one of those crazy enough to believe that consciousness is the causal force of everything else. In other words, I believe (without any evidence and by pure hunch) that reality originates from consciousness.

That is, in short words, mind over matter. Or as above, so below.

Please bear with me, since these are just my own quantum musings.

Assuming what I believe is true, we can conclude that it all originates inside our brain or wherever consciousness is actually located. Consciousness shapes reality.

This assumption is the main basis for all the guru-talk about things like the law of attraction and such. Things that must be true if the causality of consciousness is also true.

Then we arrive to the question of integrity and why it must be primordial:

About integrity and it's primordiality:

I'm a firm believer of monist idealism. I believe consciousness and its ideas come first, consciousness is the holistic base of all existence; everything else, like material manifestations, is secondary.

In other words:

Integrity is primordial, while the material fragmentation of the manifested world is secondary.

This leads us to a problem that plagues nowadays' reality:

We have lost our purpose's integrity.

Since I believe that every human being is an activist of some sort (everyone wants to defend and spread a point of view), let's expose the problem of said activism.

Activism nowadays present two main problems:

First, the activism practiced is notably asynchronous — it lacks synchrony between that what the activists think and talk and the way how they really live and act. In other words, they lack moral authority. We see peace activists that preach for peace but they have no personal peace, their protests only polarize, they do not unite people in peace. We have environmental activists who are lost on materialist and consumerist behaviours, that destroy our environment. And lastly but not least, we have religious activists recurring to one of the most anti-religious practices: violence in form of terrorism.

Second: nowadays activists have no new paradigms to offer, there's no new paradigm to resolve conflict, or to diminish differences, or to demonstrate why art and spirituality are important. In the absence of new paradigms, there's no long term solution to the problems we are facing.

The lack of synchrony between that what we believe in and the way we live is due to the incongruence of our belief system.

Who are we whom our blood boils with the activist energies that are lacking in our action plan?

When we finally realize that consciousness is causal and do what we preach, our reality will change for good.

We must embrace the primordiality of our integrity in order to change ourselves and the causality of our individual and collective consciousness.

The power is in you.


All images created by me. Text was inspired by the work of Amit Goswami

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Well put!
Quantum theory tends to be rather difficult for a lot of people to grasp, I have only the most basic understanding of it.

Thanks a lot @amberyooper.

Yes indeed I have a hard time wrapping my head around it as well, however I think books like a Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking can help understanding a bit better :)

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Yeah, and a lot of the things scientists don't know/agree either, because there are many interpretations of it.

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Neither evidence, nor external validation, are required, when one has true gnosis.

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Word!. According to my downwards causality belief, what you say is accurate

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Great post and interesting thoughts on consciousness. My base is science, but that said, I do like science to show us all we see and experience and what makes us, us, has a high likelyhood to not be 'real'. In my mind it would be fantastic, if matter doesn't exist at all, and in the end we not exist at all, we are simply fooled big time. In the 90s I discovered the theory of the Holographic Universe which essentially tells us we are all one and what we see, feel and hear are simply abnormalities in a fabric of energy.

thanks very much @edje. I believe science is indeed benefiting from quantum mechanics, since the limiting scientific model of legacy physics of "everything is matter and therefore nothing else exists" has hindered our connection to the spirit and to all that is beside physical matter.

There's a void, it is what makes almost everything, and this void if far from being void. So those forces and energies we cant yet measure on the void are probably where the spiritual world lies. But the. again that's only my conjecture.

Holographic Universe theory says, if i remember correctly, that reality exists in a 2d plane which is seen as 3d by us. Right?

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Similar to you; The voids is were we need to look at to better understand what is the 'reality' in terms of almost anything, including biological systems, consciousness and life in general. Even the Big Bang Theory can only work when the mass in the universe is larger than what we can detect; Hence lots of assumptions that will need to be discovered.

Holographic Universe: This is more about the fact information of the whole is available at any place in the universe; A key characteristic of holograms (the 2d emulsion stores the information of the entire object at each infinite small geo location on the 2d emulsion). This model says that essentially the information that describes eg a table is part of you and also I, and to a bigger extend, all information in the universe is part of us, even our arm, or teeth...and visa versa. This model goes as far as to state matter, objects and so on only exists because we as a collective want it to exists. If we as a collective would decide concrete is fluid, suddenly we will see all concrete objects falling down and streaming as if we see water streaming. Subsequently, the theory suggest when we collectively create matter and we can alter it, the concept of matter doesn't exist at all. Then one can think of the idea that when matter doesn't exist, all we see, feel and smell doesn't exist. The suggestion is than made that whatever we see, feel and smell is simply an anomaly in a fabric of energy. What I take from this is that the entire universe and everything in it, is a manifestation from a plane of energy, and this plane of energy is maybe that what various spiritual streams believe as all-is-one, everything is connected, higher level of consciousness.

Bro this was one of the best posts I have ever seen. Honestly. Clear, a few linked facts, simple but good graphics to underline the message. Man I assume this is a post you ever wanted to create, right? Well done.
Thanks for reminding me to keep thinking and not just following my "needs" and actually follow my ideals.
Glad I checked your profile!


Hey my dear brother @tibfox, thanks so much for your comment and resteem. I am truly thankful and happy that you enjoyed it.

Yes this is something I've always had the feel to publish somewhere, however I didn't have a "proper" place to put it out.

It came to.my mind that people here are very knowledgeable and maybe this would spark some conversation.

But in the end it is really a critique to those false ones who don't live up to their word. Those who say they love you without even knowing you properly, or those who live in a bubble of self reassurance that cannot see the consequences of their actions despite their words being "positive"

Maybe it's also a reminder for me as well to keep it real always.


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