No more Beans on Toast

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We have 2 cats, both of them are lovely but Toast the ginger tomcat has been getting a little aggressive lately. For the past 3 years he has been living a hedonistic life, fathering many illegitimate kittens in the neighborhood, and being king of the local Cat fightclub.

His howling in the middle of the night was also getting quite annoying.

When we originally got him we thought it was a girl, .. but it soon became apparent by his John Wayne walk that he was supporting something more substantial down there.

The day has arrived therefore that Toast has to go to the vet to have his toonies snipped.


Below is a picture of innocent Toast at about 6 months old, .. he's still a kitten and has not been corrupted in the ways of the nightlife and partying world.


Two years later, ... staying out late with floozies getting up to no good. Coming home in a stupor, and then sleeping all day. This was him last week.
It was a bit embarrassing when we had guests around.
You can see the stark difference from innocence to his Snoop Dogg on tour type existence.


Things had gone far enough really when the female cats started hanging around our garden waiting for him to reappear from our home.

Below is Toast this morning, ... I managed to grab him and shove him in the carry box before he sliced into me.


next stop, .. the vet.
no picture of that but this is Toast, now without his beans, . .back from the vet.
he had a neck collar on but he ripped it off.

I get the feeling he's not happy with me.

best wishes from big beans Goblin. :-)



Absolute top marks for the title!

Why is it always Ginger cats that end up bossing the local area.

My little row of houses is cat-tastic - there is a huge fat ginger beast that now one messes with. The rest are cute enough!

You need to rename him Varis.

iv noticed this too, ..I think Ginger cats get abuse from their peers as humans do which makes them more resilient and ready for a fight, ... 😐


Although I think that's changing with humans now, ginger's been pretty in for years now!

Toast - what a cracking name! I'd make sure your bedroom door is shut at night as he may seek his revenge.

yeah, .. the other one is called 'Gangster' because he used to be before Toast arrived. Toast just terrorizes him now, ... so it doesn't sound right anymore, ..

Toast looks quite angry now hehe. Sleep with one eye open.

its been a few days now and its working already, .. he's not trying to rip the carpet up anymore! ... still the bedroom door is locked 😃

Haha yeah. All for the best I suppose ;) Now he'll relax and start gaining some weight haha

Although he shown aggressiveness, yet he is very cute.

cute until he shows his back teeth 😮

My doggy thought I said tutored and was seriously looking forward to learning new things... SNIP

I just can't imagine sharing space with an active Tomcat. One per household should be the limit, I'd think.

ours was going to be one, ... but my daughter when round to her friend's whos cat had had a litter, .. and that was it, .. "we had to have it", ... 3 years later all the promises of looking after him and cleaning his litter and feeding seem to have gone out of the window and now we got 2 cats. 😕

and shove him in the carry box before he sliced into me.

Sliced into where.., your jugular?

he's a tomcat not a mountain bear @Slobberchops, .. although he may sometimes thinks he is. quiet as a mouse this morning so seems to have worked.

Hahaha! It's funny how you narrated the story of Toast's life 😂
Its sad what he had to undergo in the end but he'll understand eventually that it was for his own good...🤣

We had to get our dog fixed when we got her. Actually, we didn't but they gave us money back if we did within a certain number of days. So like she was $40 and then once we proved she was fixed the gave us $25 back or something like that. We had planned on doing it anyway. I think she would have made a good doggie mom though.

Hi @bozz, ... id like a dog but Mrs won't have one,.. we've been meaning to get Toast de-nutted for a few months now but with COVID everything was shut.

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Beautifull cat

Awww, poor Toast... whose beans are toast!
(couldn't help that! hehehe...)

for you


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Awww your cats are adorable!

he is looking angry there...

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