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Importance of marketing


One of the things that is vital to the blockchain is bringing in new people, but one thing that has never really happened was marketing off of the blockchain. Sure, Steemians are very good at making posts here on the blockchain telling other members of the platform how awesome the Steem blockchain is and why we need to be here, but when was the last time you saw a commercial of some sort or an advertisement for the blockchain?

I have personally never seen one. I have seen some videos on YouTube of people explaining the blockchain and telling about the benefits of it, but no real advertisement type of videos. One of the things that we are going to be doing here in Creative Coin is start creating promotional material to bring people from off of the chain onto the chain.

This is the first video that I have put together to promote the Creative Coin platform and the Steem Blockchain. I am looking at creating an educational series as well that will hopefully make things easier for the new users when they first get to the platform. These will include how to use your keys properly, how to exchange fiat for Steem, how to use Steem Engine, proper tag use, and other issues that newcomers face when they get here.

There is a massive learning curve when you first come to the platform and my goal with this series will be to help guide newcomers to success when they first get on-boarded to the platform. I remember when I first came to the platform and I had no clue what I was doing. It wasn't until I found a community to be a part of that I actually felt like I was a part of something and started moving in the right direction.

I am looking forward to seeing where we can take this community and the growth that we will see as we move forward. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the promo video. You are awesome.


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That is awesome @derangedvisions! And it's very much what we need to create general awareness... and I like the continuing idea of maybe having a series of "hot to" videos as a permanent part of a Creative Coin (and Steem) FAQ... a lot of people have a far easier time learning from visuals, as opposed to just written text.

And who knows? Because this is the CREATIVE Coin tribe, perhaps we can set the standard and be a "model" of sorts for tribes with different focuses to follow!

This is certainly a great "first play."

This is very cool @derangedvisions! And exactly what we need the tribes to do.

I'm thankful to be a part of this one!

Thank you. I am glad that you are a part of it as well.

this is an awesome idea. i assume you will be advertising on other social media. i think the video is good but imho i think a bit more information would not go amiss? and maybe a slightly more in depth youtube video that is either question answer oriented or interview?

totally agree on the learning curve, but i also think there is a lack of consistency as to what might be considered "polite blogging rules". i know other people might disagree and think we should let people do whatever. its an area for exploration.

i still have hundreds of posts bookmarked on various areas pertinent to new steemit users and topical areas. let me know if i can assist.

This is just the first of many videos. More of a teaser to get people interested and wanting to find out more. The in depth videos will be coming later.

That was awesome! I love it.

this is great! where can I find the song?

The song was made by @isaria. Here is a link to it on YouTube:


There have been numerous off-chain promotions about Steem since I have been here (two years next month), but there could always be more. Each post we make on other platforms will only reach a limited number of people each time, so we definitely need more. Kudos for adding to the mix of what is already being done by others! Awesome video, too!

Thank you

Hi, I love your art. You are big artist. I glad see you in my page. Thanks

Great editing and idea @derangedvisions:) I think it will draw attention, i will share it at fb also:)

Thank you. I appreciate it.

great work @derangedvisions ... perfect length and just enough information to get people curious.

Thanks. That was kind of the plan. Short and sweet, peak the interest, but give enough info to lead them to the site.

Awesome ad @derangedvisions, really well done! I love this. What I like most about this is the fact that the focus is on the music and art, not blockchain technology.

Someone once told me it's less important to have a hundred products to market, than knowing how to market one product a hundred different ways. I think this is so relevant to Steem and our communities, and it's quest for mass adoption. We all nerd out over blockchain shit, sure, but in the regular world it's the opposite; it's a red flag buzzword. Most people don't want to deal with it. It's scary, volatile, and unknown. Not that Steem marketing should 'lie' about the fact that it's run on blockchain tech, but more so, it shouldn't be the first (or even second, third, fourth, etc.) bulletpoint about why it's a super cool community. There's plenty of time for that after they already see the appeal.

Thanks. That is the thing we at Creative Coin are trying to do, is make it appealing to the masses and easy to understand this massive ecosystem. We have big things planned for the future.

Excellent initiative, I love the idea and I will share it on my networks, things like these should receive massive support from the steemians.

awesome idea , and cool video promotional , also i wonder if my friend had not invite me to Steemit about 2 years ago then where could i saw something about it and also about the blockchain ?

but when was the last time you saw a commercial of some sort or an advertisement for the blockchain ?

you're doing great

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Honestly, the marketing efforts of the Steem blockchain or better by Steemit Inc always been near to zero, been discussing and offering help based on my job options I could provide but never got heard or simply ignored.

Hence marketing was always seen as part of the community members - which is fair enough when the company behind the entire topic has different focus areas or simply is unable or unwilling to do their work! But - in all honesty - saying this since years, there needs to be an effort to join forces of all or at least some blockchains together to educate the masses IF the aim is to bring this to MASS Adoption, which I still see a bit different, we need more substantial use cases across all blockchains before the masses adopt them! But before this will happen - we need Inverstors, real investors, big corporates. You can not get mass adoptions before money is in it - my 2cents. But good approach @derangedvisions