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Edo state one of the famous state in Nigeria known for it rich value. With the king who is being addressed as oba.

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The Edo Benin kingdom has it traditions, believe and customs.
One of the most interesting part of my people is our traditional attire, which brightens the whole place.
Edo my state, my home, a beautiful city known to have a strong cultural heritage.
How about our traditional weddings OMG is something you all would love to witness, the bride is adorned with beads, wrapper and her hair styled in beads. The groom is also dressed in beads and wrapper and a walking stick.
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The Edo Benin kingdom is rich in value.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
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I think it is a good idea to present your country. Would be great also to see your own photos and some explanation of local history or specialities. I have sometimes been going for bike trips here in Denmark where i live, and then made a post with photos taken in places that are not normally seen in the media.

Some interesting hats with coral the women on the pictures are wearing.

Thanks ❤️.

One of these days I'd make a post on that.

We have one of the best cultural heritage in Nigeria. Haha

Yes, it is a rich culture :) I am looking forward to that.