'The Springflower' A retired fishing boat at North Landing in Flamborough Head, East ...

in #appicslast year

... Riding of Yorkshire.
What a beautiful old boat this is! I tried to capture its beauty and conjure up some old sea tales from days gone by.
It reminds me of a song I wrote called 'Ocean'
'Take me to the ocean
Take me to the sea
Take me to a place
Where I can finally breathe'

All Photography Copyright ©2019 Darren Claxton


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A real beauty... finally breath would be great.

Thanks for the compliment.

That is a great shot @darrenclaxton, reminds me of a painting I saved a
Copy of.

Yours could have been the inspiration for
Pedro Berrocal Mora's painting

Thanks mate!
Yes, I see the resemblance.

That is a stunner! Would make a magnificent oil painting!

It is isn't it!
I may get it printed onto canvas.
Thanks for checking out my post!

excellent idea! Those artist canvas prints are amazing!
And it is my pleasure :)