🔥Creative Coin Daily Burn!🔥 // 3 Awesome Creative Posts!

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As part of our continuing effort to help boost the Creative Coin Economy, we will be implementing several burn cases.

🔥 Our Daily Burn🔥 will promote amazing Creative Coin posts AND the rewards of our post will be burned!🔥

  • Every day (or as close to that as humanly possible...), Creative Coin will select 3 Amazing creative posts from the Creative Coin front end!.
  • Each post will be upvoted with the Creative Coin account, resteemed, as well as featured in this post.
  • Creative Coin will also match the total value of each post by "burning" the same amount. This is done by sending the equivalent amount of ccc from the creative coin account to @null.
  • We will also be taking the Steem payout of our daily posts and purchasing CCC to burn.
    So when you upvote these posts not only are you helping to raise the amount of CCC burned, but you are also receiving curation rewards!

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The Posts! Look at them in all their glory!!!! L👀K!

Robot Man by winkandwoo by @winkandwoo

Cool beats. It feels very 80s to me... which I find congruent with most sci-fi feels... Interesting. Go click play and come back to see the other posts!

Once upon a time in my own Malibu by @mariandavp


Hee hee Haa haa 🤡 by @eyedrip

I'm a little worried for 'eyedrip'... cause eyes should not drip... but anyway... LOOK AT THIS JOKER! It's pretty cute.

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