Show me some nugporn/weebporn

in creativecoin •  10 months ago 

Do you have some nice Ganja or cartridge or even some dab maybe that you want to showcase your creativity with?
Cool well if you do you can earn some weedcash.

Rulez are simple.

Post a comment with your nug/weedporn with your name on a piece of paper.

  1. It needs to be yours, so please no internet photos I can tell.
  2. Please make sure the images are of high quality, or else how are we going to get a budgasm!!
  3. That's it show me what you got, if you have something that looks so damn magical like a close up if it is sticky and looks bomb might earn some more smoke.
  4. Editing and making them creative will get you a bonus.
  5. Use #weedcash and #creativecoin

I would recommend adobe express.. its a mobile app that's how I edit my images.

Disclaimer: votes will be done manually and I might be stoned, so please be patient.

Look at this beauty

Both of these Images are not mine

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I was going to say that I don't have any buds to show, but then I remembered that someone gave me a couple of buds of White Widow, so I'll have to get a picture of them for you tomorrow.

Ok, here's my nugporn photo. These are some White Widow buds that a grower friend of mine gave me. These are supposed to be low THC-high CBD buds.
My camera doesn't have the best close up capability, so this was the best I could do. He said that he didn't have any buds that were trimmed and I told him I didn't care, untrimmed is fine.

Good stuff!! Thank you That is a banger.