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Painting process of "Firefly kid". 2019

in creativecoin •  6 months ago 

Beautiful! I had no idea you even intended to paint over the drawing. The drawing seemed very complete on its own. Clever to use acrylic to lay a foundation, too. I never painted too much, but I always used acrylic when I did. Oils are more intimating to me!

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Thank you so much Ashley!

Oh yes, it's all about layer over layer until it's finished. In this particular painting there were like 5 total layers of paint! But I really enjoy the process :)

You're right! Oils are in fact very intimidating when you are learning the technique, specially because of all the rules you have to follow. But trust me when I tell you this, acrylic paint is waaay more difficult to learn than oils.
It's been 3 seconds and the paint is already dry in your palette, it's so frustrating!!!