Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 2 Result || Week 3 Begins

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Hello guys, hope you are doing great. So it's the Photo filters and effects result day for week 2 and we got 5 wonderful entries for the week. This is an effect/filter contest initiated by @drakernoise and I to allow you transform and be creative with any effects and filters of your choice on a photo of your choosing.

Before announcing the winners, I want to thank @nestorgarcia for being a judge in this contest. We can’t forget our dear sponsor @brittandjosie who is adding 4 STEEMs for the contest reward that we will split between the participants. Thanks so much, we love you!, you already know it. Also a big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry, resteemed the contest post or promoted the post in anyway.

It has not been an easy task to pick the winners as they were all so amazing and pretty. We love your efforts and your creativity with the effects and the filters applied, thanks so much for your valuable time that you shared with us!

A list of entries...

User NameSteempeakLinkSteemitLink
@shraziClick hereClick here
@seadbeadyClick hereClick here
@misschanceClick hereClick here
@brittandjosieClick hereClick here
@nikolinaClick hereClick here


Thanks to all who participated!!


So guys, this is the third week of #createthatlook Photo filters and effects contest, join in the fun by submitting an entry this week...check original link post for detailed info.. Contest post.


  • You should use #createthatlook as one of the first three tags for easy access and also drop the post link on this comment session.
  • If you put up multiple photos, you are to let us know which you want to enter in for the contest.
  • Deadline still remains post pay out day.

Let's get the ball rolling, let's get creative and let's create that look. Have a wonderful day!!


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Thank you so much! Congrats to the other winners. :)

🤗...looking forward to your entry again.

This is so much fun i am going to think of a new entry

Thank you mama!! 😁

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Congratulations to the Winners. And all three are awesome entries but I like Tigress One more :D.
I will try this week something different.

Looking forward to seeing it @shrazi. 😁

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Thank you for the entry. 😃

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Oh wow, tx for making mine end on second place - I think the winner truly deserves her fist spot - it is really very beautiful - I am really happy I found this contest and will be entering it again that's for certain - I really love a contest that gives me the chance to be a bit more creative :)

All the entries were did great with cake..😁

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Thank you for participating in the contest...😃

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for the mention :)

Thanks for participating in the contest...looking forward to your entry this week.

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Thank you for joining in the fun. 🤗

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As usual, I'm confused. What is the payout date? The deadline for entry? Is this week 3 or have we moved on?
I'm preparing an entry @bliss11 and @drakernoise, but I don't want to waste it if it's too late.

Please let me know asap

Hi @jerrytsuseer hahaha confused as usual...
Don’t worry we’re here to help!
As said in the tittle this is the week 2 winners announcement and the new week (3) announcement post as well.
The deadline is the post payout date... the payment time is 3d 23h you’re on time to enter!
Hope I’ve explained it right. Feel free to ask anything you need 😁

@bliss11 answered as well, but I asked a couple of other questions there
What is hive 174578 @drakernoise?
My other questions asked were:
I make a post with my entry to...? My blog? The photography community? The PHC community?
I use the tags provided in the rules, then post a link back here.

What is hive 174578 @drakernoise?

The “raw” tag for ocd community, it’s added automatically when you post from within a community.

I make a post with my entry to...? The PHC community?

Yeah, you build up a post

My blog?

It’s up to you . You can do it from a community of your choice...

The photography community?

Could be a nice choice... you could also do it from the SteemTerminal community

I use the tags provided in the rules, then post a link back here.

That’s right!

Hope I solved your doubts @jerrytsuseer 😉

Okay, I guess I have enough to go one now.

Hi @jerrytsuseer, post payout date is the day the post rewards comes..which is a 7days after the post was made. This is week 3 already and it's just 3 days since this post was put we still have 4 days till the deadline for this week. So it is not late at all...waiting to see your entry. I hope you get it now?🤗😁

Okay cool, so I make a post to my what? Blog? The photographic community? The PHC Community?
Then once that is done (wherever) put the link HERE in a comment @bliss11?

Well alrighty then @bliss11 and @drakernoise (you too DUDE @mondoshawan 😜)
Here is my entry. It is also a poetic entry.
I notated the MOSAIC filter near the bottom as my entry to this #createthatlook contest

😲 Whaaaaat, is it already a week later???? 😵

I dunno, I've just a peon around here, trying to follow confusing directions ha ha

Thank you for participating!😃

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Thank you for participating in the contest...😃

Que excelente este concurso, para mi a sido un placer poder ayudarles... Muy bonitas participaciones. Saludos.

Thank you for participating in the contest. 😃

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Thank you for participating in the contest...🤗

Felicitaciones. Congratulations to the Winners @brittandjosie, @seadbeady y @nikolina

Excelente concurso organizadores, jueces y patrocinadores/Excellent contest organizers, judges and sponsors: @bliss11, @drakernoise, @nestorgarcia y @brittandjosie

Here is my entry: Post

Muchas gracias! Saludos desde Serbia!

Saludos desde Venezuela. @nikolina

Thank you for your entry.

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Creo que me voy a anotar ja ja ja


Hi Bliss this is my first entry. I love these kinds of contests. Thanks!


Hello friend very good your contest I would like to enter I love photography. One question ... The effects and filters should be with a cell phone? or from a computer you can?

Hi @zhanavic69, it can be from your phone or computer....even both. As long as it comes out pretty and gives you your desired look. 😊

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Oh very well thank yousssss