Welcome to the Grand Illusion

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Lots of craziness went down in 2020, and this year is showing its wacky side too. From the island that nobody visited to the mystery around his demise.

just a reminder that nobody thinks this guy offed himself.

How do we really know anything when there is so much unsubstantiated crap everywhere?

Following the news these days takes so much time and effort. It's even worse now that so many are gone off of twitter. I don't need to know what CNN is saying about each event. I want to know where the information is coming from and is it reliable. What are they leaving out?

"Anonymous sources have told CNN that..." doesn't cut it.

There is also a lot of shit to sort through on social media. I try to piece the facts together but it is time consuming. Take the Capitol thing. The halls of government were already breached while Trump was still speaking to the crowd. I would imagine that many had not left in the middle to go to the Capitol.

Then we have the lightning fast reaction. All must unite in certifying results because of what had happened. Stimulus checks could have been cut lots faster if someone had broken in to protest against them. Is that is the new model?.

Patty and John are dating. Patty got pregnant. So now, we had better buy that new swimming pool.

Great logic! The the weak minded will eat up that logic if the swimming pool was always the goal. Or the certification, that is.

Then there is the new constant. Anyone who voted for Trump is a Nazi and should be put on lists, fired, imprisoned, or worse. I remember one kind of people were tossed in camps and killed because they supported the God of Israel.

'The Trump supporters are the new Jews'

They don't say it exactly like that, but we are not very far away from "only non-Trumpers can walk on city sidewalks. Yes the Nazis controlled information, banned certain people from (fill in the blank).


I don't believe that any human has more rights than another human. Every mention of skin color when talking about what someone can or cannot do is inherently racist. When you buy into any us and them narrative, you admit by default that you have been told a story - and believed it.

The 2016 election was questioned for four years solid and non of those who investigated it were put on lists or ostracized. Investigation is no problem when you know you did nothing wrong. I was waiting for the proof. The truth will come out no matter if it is sought after or not. That is what I am getting at in this post.

pearl harbor, jfk, babies in incubators, wmd's, nsa data collection and on and on...

Problem, blame, and resolution - all within 24 hours. That is the common link - something smells. I wonder what was on those laptops that were stolen. If Jeffery were here today, he would tell us what's up.