What Is Going On With Covid 19

in #covid196 months ago

I don't know what to make of COVID 19 but I know some people are doing very well out of it. To be clear I am not someone who believes COVID is a hoax or part of some plan to depopulate the planet, but something doesn't add up about it.

Recently it was reported that billionaires have seen their wealth grow significantly during the pandemic. At the same time people are losing their jobs, small businesses are closing and most of us mere mortals are facing increasing hardship. I'm not against people to making money and there will always be winners and losers, but we all seem to be paying twice for the mega rich to make more at everyone else expense.

Most of these increases have come thanks to government contracts during the crisis. I read about one guy in England, who was a former Tory councillor of course, who just bought two new houses and one for his mum and dad, by selling PPE to the NHS. The point is he is making massive profits out of the tax money we pay.

At the same time my income has dropped considerably and there is every chance I might be out of work soon. I worked for the NHS which makes profiteering of the crisis that may have made me redundant even more annoying.

This probably sounds like sour grapes but I have come to realise there are many unanswered questions about the COVID 19 pandemic that aren't being answered. Even more annoying is the fact that it now seems clear to me that those who do ask questions end up being being censored.

I think we should be able to ask questions without fear of being attacked or shadow-banned for doing so. If every time we ask a question someone doesn't like we suffer accusations or are told our opinions are not based in science or conspiracy theory logical debate will go nowhere.

I don't think COVID 19 is as dangerous as many people say. I don't think we all need to take vaccines and I don't believe government lockdowns make any sense now. I understand that we had no idea of knowing what the impact on health services may have been during the pandemic in the Spring and think lockdowns were a sensible precaution.

We are not in the same situation now. This time the pandemic seems far less severe but we are still causing immense damage to our economy. This will have a bad impact upon people's lives. It will effect them both physically and spiritually and, frankly, I am not convinced any of this is necessary anymore.

Begging the question why is it being done? I am aware of all the competing theories. Some say it’s all part of the plan to bring about a new economic model, others that it is an attempt to create a dictatorship and others that it is just the usual government incompetence.

I honestly don’t know and am not going to pretend that I do. All I do know is that people around me are being damaged by what is happening. I can sense the darkness that is descending upon people. I am very emotionally sensitive and, while I am lucky to be so well attuned the feelings of other, at times like these it is hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sense of foreboding.

I don’t truly know what the future holds for myself or other people. But I do know we need to be showing each other a little more compassion and stop putting each other down, simply because we don’t agree on certain points.

This is a spiritual battle that we are in, no matter what the cause. We can either lay down and and allow depression to to sweep us all away or we can stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. We need to focus upon staying well and I do mean both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So I am taking some time to reflect upon these important issues. I am open minded and don't have any firm conclusions, but I will be sharing my thoughts over the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon.