where is the earth shattering covid19 kaboom?

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daily cases of covid19
daily deaths from covid19

While India's daily cases have gone down dramatically since I estimated that their total cases would surpass US tallies, the United states got hit with a 3rd wave of covid19 that is still continuing. While the number of daily cases have doubled or more in the last few months, the daily peak deaths appear to be the about the same-some may argue that the weekly "towers" are more dense. The amplitude of new cases should certainly have increased the death rate by now.

The cynic in me wants to say that these numbers are fake being used to prey upon peoples anxieties before an election, but the number of cases in Europe are on the rise too. That isn't to rule out that there isn't a global scheme to control the US elections, but is less probable. However, there are anomalies that have occurred in some European countries recently that certainly do look artificial.


Those spikes are the accumulation of 3 days worth of data, and certainly covid19 went super Saiyan on France. Unlike the United states, both these countries have a noticeable increase in death rates. As much as people love to finger point at Trump for covid19 [in the usa], Covid19 really doesn't care who is in charge. In regard to china, they already have a covid19 vaccine.


Assuming the US tallies are real, that certainly begs the question about what is going on. One theory comes to mind is that a more contagious varient of covid19 is going around, but not as symptomatic as the alternate strains which likely are still circulating-but that undermines what is happening across the pond where there are both more cases and more deaths. Another theory could be a major problem in some of the testing materials being used is producing too many false positives within the USA, while our ?friends? across the pond are experiencing real cases from being under house arrest all year. A third theory is that we should be in flu season, and it is possible that people with cold/flu symptoms are being testing for covid19 who may have carry the antibodies from an asymptomatic previous exposure or otherwise current asymptomatic case of covid19. Supposedly the CDC reports a confirmed 4 cases of the flu reported through labs for week 43 out of 11k tests. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm . 11k is a pittance compared to the daily tally, but if I were sick I would be more concerned about covid19 diagnosis than an ordinary flu diagnosis. A fourth theory is that the daily death tolls could soon exceed some 2400-3200+ deaths per day in the USA, but that trend should have already started. For any foreign readers: death records are first recorded in the states so any governor sensing something fishy with national reports could speak up.

People are already panic buying again in Europe, which again reminds us of why Trump didn't want to cause a panic in the early days. I Started to stock up on food [again] a few weeks ago, with plans for a 6 months supply in fear that being keep indoors in cold environments (or batlike, but not exactly cold) could make covid19 worse. Take covid19 seriously considering it has killed over 1m people across the globe (1 in about 7000 ppl), but it is ok to be a cynic and ask questions from the sidelines.

As far as projections when this wave will peak or by extension end, as you can see the numbers of daily cases is still rising and rising quickly-about 20-25% in the last week. If I had to guess, it may start to peak in the next week or so. This is based upon the percent gain between july 3rd and july10th, it is possible that it has reached its peak yesterday based upon the percent gain from July 9th to July 16th (the peak of the second wave). But unlike earlier in the year, I don't feel comfortable making these projections; I feel the daily cases could still continue to grow. But the day when the reported daily number of cases in the USA exceed the entire US population, I think we had our leg pulled; Only Justin Sun could really say something really that Stupid (i.e 10 billion tron users in a world of 7 billion ppl).

We are presently at about 3% herd immunity in the USA, assuming the antibodies stay. As herd immunity increases, the spread of the disease should decrease. At about 100k new cases a day, then for 30 days an extra 1% of the US population has immunity. If it grows to 200k cases a day, that is 1% every 15-16 days. 400k/day would sound scary, but that's about 1% a week. I guess that is a morbid sense of optimism: the worse the immediate picture gets, the sooner mankind can defeat the disease. But unlike the Luciferian federalist who wanted to have covid19 exposure parties to save the economy, I will just say avoid it like the plague if possible. And then there are claims that the antibodies won't stay, and we're screwed save for a vaccine where we may need perpetual booster shots. Do you really trust Bill Gates in handling viruses? I don't. Perpetual Luciferian party time? No. What would Jesus do? Oh, yeah-he died on the cross. Not really any good answers, except stop depending on other people.

Not sure I trust anything before an election. Perhaps for a final theory, the American numbers are to scare trump voters away from the polls.


Interesting post. I am curious about what the source is claiming 3% herd immunity for the U.S. I don't think anybody including the WHO has a real solid lock on what any country's percentage of herd immunity is.

I think the only fact about the pandemic everybody can agree on is that we're no where near ready if a huge solar flare took down our electrical infrastructure and if that were to happen tomorrow we'd be in a really, really bad situation.

Also, if a huge earthquake happens in L.A. county during this pandemic FEMA response will be horrible. Pretty sure there's no argument there either.

the 3% figure is based upon 9 million cases of covid 19 out of approximately 320 million ppl in the usa.

If a solar flare happened wiping out the electrical grid, I think it would be a very very boring winter. Luckily we've haven't experienced those yet nor other EMP attacks.

I am not familir with L.A. county or how many buildings may not be up to code in being able to resist earth quakes, I know that earthquakes are devastating over there and it would be horrible if everyone was trapped inside due to covid19. I m not sure what Fema's track record is in in L.A., but if it is a crisis I am sure that the president [hopefully Trump] would authorize the military to provide help, in addition to any national guard, and the red cross. Pretty sure Doctors and other experts would volunteer there time over there, and people across the country would let the red cross vampires syphon out their blood. It may not be 100% response due to the corona scare, but there are many people who feel the whole corona thing is fake or just a scare tactic to control people, or other conspiracies regarding a great reset, or microchipping ppl through vaccines.

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Looks like the number of daily deaths are up about 40%+- eyeballing it since this post, and the number of new daily US cases have since gone up about 40%. This is normally what is expected to happen (save for issues of lag), but it didn't happen in the period when I made this post.

Unless the lag factor is particularly large in which case covid19 daily death rate would increase more, I could still argue that the daily number of cases is still an exaggeration. But even if exaggerated, it is still up at least 40% and a 3rd wave is confirmed in the daily deaths.