Lockdown Korean inspired BBQ

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Here in New Zealand we are under lockdown for the rest of the week. Lunch has become our main meal of the day and we love to eat outside. One of our favorites is using a table top BBQ. My wife was preparing as I was in a video meeting with a student. As soon as the call completed, Mor-mor 沫沫 the Labrador rushed in with an excited look on her face. She knew it's time for BBQ

The little BBQ was given to us by some friends. There is some Japanese text where the Kanji means "table top". It's a heavy ceramic construction in a wire carrier frame that never gets hot.
The meat cuts and side dishes are Chinese, Japanese and Korean inspired. My wife makes the kimchi herself.

And here is Mor-mor 沫沫 being helpful by offering to sniff everything to ensure there are no monsters.

Look at me! I am hooman too. Give me hooman food. We do have some unseasoned meat offcuts just for her. We have to be careful because the garlic in many of the side dishes is poisonous for dogs.

I once asked Mor-mor 沫沫 what she thought made humans different to dogs. She told me that it was the ability to have food and not eat it. On that note, I have been losing weight. I have some weigh to go before I am back to my pre-quarantine size, but I'm getting there.

Until next time, b🐝e hive.


Hey Hey Hey! How are you doing buddy? 6 months past steemfest how are things? Bit different than we all expected....

My girl and I got out of Vietnam on one of the last planes to Thailand. We did a crazy 3 month motorcycle tour through, the county. Check out one of the videos on my blog, it's Gaby doing a lot of footage from the back of the bike and I put it to some chill music. Different style than the content I've done before. I'm also thinking of starting a 5 minute daily video series "Ask the Travel Pro", where I answer travel related questions, with my 17 years international of travel experience, maybe I can get that on three speak or something.

Suddenly it pays to be a travel blogger on Steemit/Hive! So I'm thinking about doing better quality stuff.

So we got to ao Nang Thailand on like the 21st of last month. 10 minute walk from the beach. Got a nice airbnb apartment and we are just hanging here for the time being with the virus stuff. They automatically extended everyone's visas until the July 31st!

But your blog post here totally reminds me of Vietnam. As we were crossing the country, they had these great all you can eat korean BBQ restaurants. Man I was pigging out on them sometimes 3 nights a week!

Anyway brother. Good to check in. Hope you are well.


Hahaha! She looks so happy and that looks like a great bbq.
My dog sometimes hides food we give him in our shoes or somewhere around the house. Not meat though. Meat goes straight into his stomach without even chewing it! Hahaha

Hiding food! No way - mine eats everything on the spot.

Yeah, he is a little devil! He once hide some bread with butter in my shoe and guess what? I never saw it until it was too late! I still curse him for that! Hahaha

Probably revenge for calling him butterfingers. Maybe dogs don't see the difference between our paws.

Hahaha Definitely!
They do not care if they get dirty at all! But we do!

The food is delicious! attractive colors. oh but why do you know how to cook korean food ?? like a real korean Hahaa

A lot of Korean BBQ restaurants - any city will have one or two at least. We can get the meat cuts from an Asian butcher and the sauces from an Asian grocery. The world is very small nowadays.
Good to see you on HIVE.

How is the situation now there? About corona.
nice to see you here. Stay safe!

Improving. Some deaths, but not many. It could've been much worse. We were locked down for four weeks. In two days, some restrictions will ease. I will still work from home. How about in Hanoi?

The situation here is very stable. Haha Schools and factories will open tomorrow

That is one colorful-looking bbq :) My wife & I have been experimenting with a little bbq table ourselves this past month or so (I made burgers, salmon, etc...)


In fact, today, in Memorial Day Weekend in the USA -- a big bbq occasion -- but due to nonstop rain these past few days, and extended lockdown, not much happening, today.

Cheers to Mor-mor 沫沫 & best of luck with your diet (drinking lots of water helps).

That looks delicious! Best of the Memorial day weekend to you. I hope the weather improves.

Many thanks, be well 🙏


Stop! You make me hungry lol. The photographs are just beautiful!

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The BBQ food looks Very delicious brother 👌