The world's gone mad....

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Image from Australian College of Midwives

.... I kinda knew that already but this ☝️ is just next level insanity.

WHY?!!! Why are they not allowing the use of water as pain relief?!??? 🤯

I had planned on giving birth to Bella in a birthing pool. In fact Hubby had the pool blown up and just needed water but I harnessed my inner goddess, went with instincts and gave birth to Bella on the bathroom floor. No drugs, no assistance, just her and me getting it done.

Our midwife arrived 15 minutes later, baby and I stayed and bonded on the floor for a while and after the cord was cut and the placenta was out, I asked Hubby to take Bella so I could go have a hot shower.

That hot shower was the only pain relief I had and to this day I remember how it soothed my aches and pains.

Labour is excruciating. It doesn't matter if it lasted 15 minutes or hours, it all hurts. Anything to help alleviate that pain especially if it's by natural means (ie. No drugs, no epidural) should be supported.

Everything about this Covid thing is pure insanity right now. So many things don't add up and make sense.

I'm with Dr.Cooper and definitely wondering about ulterior motives.

What do you think?


If you havent already, please sign the petition.

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Sounds like a marketing move to get people to use more pain drugs, it's all dodgy as, my wife is currently pregnant with our 4th and we will be home birthing, was encouraged to read this 👍

That's exactly what I thought.. Big pharma out to make more $$..

Congratulations! When are you guys due?

I'm so glad I went down the home birth route. Nothing like being in the comfort of your own home.

Did you always want a home birth or were you pushed into it because of C19?

Cheers due in Feb, we wanted to Home birth the others but were in a a caravan for one and the hospital wouldn't allow it for the other, we are just going to "not make it in time" for this one and have a midwife friend who will be on hand