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RE: Corona Virus Mass Hysteria: The Ultimate Scapegoat

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Global Research isn’t exactly a reliable resource. For what it’s worth though, a Chinese official has glommed onto the Global Research claim.

And I’ve seen several sources claiming the exact opposite, that the virus was bio-engineered in Wuhan (then accidentally released there).

Meh. We may never know the real source.

Oddly though, we haven’t heard anything more (for at least a month) about the supposed bat/snake source from that “wet market” in Wuhan.

Last I heard they attributed it to a pangolin ant eater.

I'd almost be willing to bet that the US was complicit


Yeah, I mean I wouldn't be surprised.

me neither!!

When this first started happening in China and they released the first reports out over some shared data base so all scientist could start working on sharing information to help identify what they were dealing with there was a man who used to work for the government until he blew the theory on the anthrax thing said similar to what your linked story is saying, he said there was only one lab in the world who carried a strain in this virus and I think it was the lab the article mentioned. His theory though, if I remember right, was that they may have intentionally planted it into the lab up in Canada that the Chinese scientist were kicked out of for stealing lab samples and it was one of the samples they stole

Maybe so.