For anyone who's still confused about what's happening

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This was sent to me yesterday by a trusted friend in Bali and I wanted to share it with you here because it seems like a pretty good summary of events.

We are currently in Step 6.

The only thing this doesn't mention is the deliberate move to completely take over our food supply, which is of course the best way to control any population.

There is an easy solution however.

Grow your own 🌱



We're at 6 with a "healthy" dose of 10.

I have to say that it was deviously brilliant when they started saying that cash is dangerous because it could be a pathway for transmission of covid...
Source 1
Source 2

I also have a feeling that 7 will be arriving sooner rather than later. Check out The Commons Project Common Pass:

For global travel and trade to return to pre-pandemic levels, travelers will need a secure and verifiable way to document their health status as they travel and cross borders. Countries will need to be able to trust that a traveller’s record of a COVID PCR test or vaccination administered in another country is valid. Countries will also need the flexibility to update their health screening entry requirements as the pandemic evolves and science progresses. Airlines, airports and other travel industry stakeholders will need the same.

The Commons Project was established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation.


Yes indeed. I should have titled this post "everything is going to plan!"

Something I've noticed about the above breakdown... they start the programming long before reaching the step. So yes, the 'cash is bad' idea has been reaching the mainstream more and more over the last year, preparing us for the moment when the decision comes to eliminate it altogether. Once everyone is accepting a (digital) basic universal income and the shops don't accept cash any more... then they really will have us by the balls! And by 'us' I mean 'them' ;)

Followup: The CommonPass trials have begun... This was published on October 7th.

Trials to begin between London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore with Cathay Pacific Airways and United Airlines, enabling travellers to start sharing certified COVID-19 test status across borders for the first time

For governments, CommonPass and the CommonPass Framework provide a more reliable means of assessing the health status of incoming travellers and gives them the flexibility to adapt their entry requirements as the pandemic evolves, including whether and what type of lab tests or vaccinations to require.

“Without the ability to trust COVID-19 tests – and eventually vaccine records – across international borders, many countries will feel compelled to retain full travel bans and mandatory quarantines for as long as the pandemic persists,” said Dr. Bradley Perkins, Chief Medical Officer of The Commons Project and former Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “With trusted individual health data, countries can implement more nuanced health screening requirements for entry.”

Source 1
Source 2

The take over the food supplies is one of the scariest aspects of what is coming, i believe and will be w major contributor to people simply "having" to do what is ordered to them. We are living in a time that my grandpa used to talk about....he told us all that this was coming and it's crazy to see it playing out. I never "truly" believed all the craziness he used to talk about....but now, so much has already happened that he talked about that it's hard to believe. Thanks for doing your part to raise awareness. Those that choose to see will see, and those whose choose to close their eyes, will be led to the slaughter. Let's all keep our eyes open and our minds, and stay on as safe a path as we can. I love you brother, and wish you and your family the best.🤗🤗🤗

You are absolutely right and it sometimes seems strange to me that more people are not talking about food, which is so clearly the best way (throughout the history of humanity!) to control people. Your grandpa was a wise man who perhaps understood that everything here works in cycles and we have been through these periods of intense transition many times before.

I am currently putting together an article to demonstrate how the elite time these 'resets' to fit with the cyclical Grand Solar Minimum which is a prolonged period of extreme weather. They do this because the GSM naturally causes chaos on earth and a total breakdown of agriculture. During periods such as these draconian changes are more easily accepted.

Will try and remember to drop you a link when it is done.

All we can do is keep doing what we feel to be right and keep on sharing our journey :)

except for the 5G thing, this is worrysome.

But 5G is not as bad, if you really understand the technology behind. It's like LTE, but faster. More stations, less watts for the sending power. Higher bandwith. If the microwaves would harm that much, LTE would already harm. Does it? Not me, and I like fast internet connections.

My feeling is that the 5G story has been extremely well planned in advance. Rather like the idea that viruses are contagious. Which I don't think they are. So, perhaps the technology has been hidden in some way?

Have you heard about Clif High?! In some of his videos on YouTube, he did say that 5G failed miserably in Wuhan, where the pandemic started, the industrial dusts got attracted by the antennae so it turned out to be a costly experiment. On the other hand, there were some investigators implying that the 5G frequency made the Chinese more susceptible to be infected with the virus.

The virus has mutated into a very infectious strain but with less serious impact for most people, except the elderly and those with previous health issues. The virus had been designed to cull certain ‘useless type’ of people.

I don’t know how reliable is Clif High’s research but his background is quite extraordinary.

Yes, I know Clif High. Though I do appreciate the reminder because it seems YouTube had unsubscribed me from his channel!

If feels rather like there are around 100 people, each with one correct piece of the puzzle. But they also have lots of incorrect pieces too, so it is our job to figure out which ones are correct & incorrect. Which isn't so easy!

All I know is that I am avoiding 5G. Just like I will avoid the vaccine. Mostly because we don't need either of those things!

This is a handy map if you are interested to track 5G development around the world.

Yup! All sensible people should avoid 5G and vaccines.

Clif High’s research on Wuhan had made him in contact with some Chinese people there and a Chinese herbalist-medicine; he also got lots of Chinese documents via his bots. His discussions with two American doctors on the virus were very interesting. But later videos went into sci-fi world and the alien technology; this theme was too high level for me to follow! LoL

Thanks for the link! Useful one!

fuck those psychopaths

we need decentralized organised opposition (like rebels with open markets/ networks to help humanity)

Exactly right.

Yep..that is their plan, and that's why we gotta stop it right here, right now....
starting with #maskoff , #mybodymychoice etc.
Stand Up For Your Rights.
Stay safe

I do understand your desire to stand up against this. Perhaps if I was younger and still living in London I would be out there marching in the streets.

However, I have learned much about the world since then and I can tell you that us humans have been through this cycle many times already (only to have this information erased from history) and our governing elite are very good at this particular game now. So whatever we do to 'stand up' has already been anticipated.

These days my instinct tells me simply to become self sufficient. And I really don't think there is anything more important than this.

Also, from a vibrational standpoint it is impossible to push against something without perpetuating in its vibration. Better to push for something. Something you want rather than something you don't. Either way, we always get what we focus on. Now that I'm thinking about it, I can see how the mass terror created by the media along with all the ridiculously inaccurate predictions for the future is like a giant game of Law of Attraction, getting all the people to focus on a terrible future! Further aiding the creation of this 12 step plan.

'hippiness' never works in the face of tyrants....

Ask your roof builders! lol

Ah but it already is working ;)

Because I am the one building the roof!

lolol - make sure you have your kids underneath with a net ready....Don't let idle labor go to waste!
(promise them some sweets if they catch you, or something)

Did i say "against"? No.
I said "Stand Up For! Your Rights."
I support positive creation, law of attraction etc.
But then, why did you post "their plans", Sam?
A bit hypocritical...
Hiding in the woods might not be enough...
It's a balancing game of focusing/working on the new, positive future and
still know what's going on around you.

Apologise if I sounded like I was lecturing you ;)

You're right. It is possible with the correct understanding to march in the street and remain true to what we want. Just not sure how effective it will be in this modern age of controlled information. And as I pointed out, the majority of people are already terrified and it is difficult to compete with that. Better that they at least see this post and have an understanding of what is happening?

All good 😉
No doubt, Sam, it's good that you posted their plans... i saw a card game with their plans 10 years ago- you know that one? Everything was included there before it happened..9/11 until' the outbreak of a virus...but that's their "end game" and we, the conscious humanity will "end their game" 😉
With the number one weapon: LOVE😀
And their low vibrating nature can't f... with this high energy😅
Here is the first real love weapon:
Hey Sam, maybe you can put one Atmospheric Harmonizer in your home...
The small ones connect every 60 km, the big ones have a range of 500km.
It includes the technology of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich.
Check it out Sam!
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Wish those links were in English. Looks really interesting.
What is this device called?

I tried to translate it : "Atmospheric Harmonizer"
in German "Sphärenharmonie Anlage(plant)"
It's Feng Shui & acupuncture for the sky.
More and more (conscious) people in Germany are building this in their garden...

I love your thinking Sam. I agree.. less focus on the negative bullshit and more on what we can do positively.

I have been so lucky recently. Can't tell you what it is but can tell you I am incredibly busy all day every day, playing & learning. And boy it is a great feeling! Gone are all concerns with what is happening in the world, replaced by the kind of dream one cannot help but benefit from dreaming x

Sending hugs!

Instead of Stay safe-- Stay Free!


haha! Perfect. You too my friend. Stay free!

It's very weird how you sign off with "stay safe" while simultaneously promoting ideas that are about not being safe...

Very interesting.

That rather depends on your perspective. If one believes the world is run by criminals, doing what they say is the opposite of staying safe. Please re-read step 12 and you will see how 'safe' they want you to be.

I'll agree to disagree with you. I'm not into this new world order conspiracy thinking. If Nixon couldn't keep his agents from opening their mouths. This amount of control is not possible today. If Snowden didn't exist then maybe, just maybe I'll entertain this fantasy.

In my experience it is better to prepare for the worst while anticipating the best. Then it matters not what happens.

Thanks for the downvote ;)

Don't thank me for a downvote , its not against you its against the content you have posted.

I think the world today is already crazy as it is already. I don't support this thinking because all it does is fuel paranoia.

Loud voices these days are mainly from crazy people that are prone to paranoia. I down voted because of that thinking.

I don't think downvoting for people's opinions is a HIVE thing. It's a decentralised platform - everyone's views are important. Just scroll on by if you don't like the viewpoint. Loud voices are needed in this time, and whatever you may believe personally, freedom of speech is important.

You are absolutely correct, you just supported my downvote with what you are saying.

My vote is my voice. In this case I provided why I downvoted.

That is a HIVE thing. The downvote is not a personal attack but a content downvote. If I see content that I like I will upvote. Even if the person in my opinion is a douche. Not saying the content poster is a douche, speaking in broad term. If someone puts good content, even if I personally don't like them I will upvote. This is a HIVE thing.

It's the whole reason we are saying HIVE is the platform to be in. No censorship other than the community voicing their choice through upvotes or downvotes.

Freedom of speech is important.

Yes, I am also exercising mine. That's what votes are.

I know, you are confused.Stop listening to lamestream media.
They lie.
"No,not and never" create the opposite.
Thanks! 😉

I don't watch TV or read tabloid news. Umm yeah, I should follow unknown, unverified opinions and theories found online as a source.

Good job buddy. Keep up the good work.

And definitely support Soros in his humanitarian work...

I don't watch TV or read tabloid news

Why point us towards an article from

it popped up on my internet feed. The topic was fresh on my mind. So yeah.
Its linked here now for posterities sake.

Hey guess what?

Here's an interesting link.


I like putting fuel to already smoldering fires.

That link is nothing but pure propaganda controlled by a centralised entity who don't have your best interests at heart. Why are you using a decentralised social media platform if you cannot see the value of decentralisation? You will find plenty more people who agree with your views on FB.

I don't have facebook.