Corona Virus Mass Hysteria: The Ultimate Scapegoat

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Finally something else to talk about. The panic behind this whole Corona Virus thing is laughable to me. You know what was a real pandemic? The Black Death.

The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population. In total, the plague may have reduced the world population from an estimated 475 million to 350–375 million in the 14th century.

If only they could see us now running around fretting over 5% kill rates on the most vulnerable demographics. Technology and our cushy lifestyles have made us soft, weak, and fearful.

Don't worry, this was all part of the plan.

Soft, weak, and fearful people are easy to control.

I went to the grocery store yesterday. It was the most packed I've ever seen it. Every checkout line had 5+ full shopping carts instead of 2-3 half-full carts. There was no disinfectant spray left. I watched as scared housewives piled shopping carts full with toilet paper.


Why? WHY!? What's going to happen if you run out of toilet paper? How is this a priority? Why would you run out of toilet paper other than the fact that people are running around panic buying toilet paper? What the actual fuck?

In PAL Discord someone was saying people were scalping packs of toilet paper in Australia for $100. I read a similar thing was going down in Japan. Who the shit is willing to pay $100 for TP? Someone put these suckers out of their misery...

The lady in front of me spent 20 minutes paying with a check.

Really!? I was fully reminded of The Dude paying for milk with a check in The Big Lebowski. Who uses a check? I haven't seen that in a decade.


I have to assume that the general public is being misdirected. Let's get those idiots fretting over toilet paper and cleaning spray rather than actually important things like food/water.

Water is the ultimate resource. If you're going to freak out over this shit at least buy the correct thing. You die if you don't get water for three days. What happens if you don't have toilet paper for 3 days? You take a shower... with water! And Soap! It's not hard! This isn't a logic puzzle. Clean running water is a miracle for modern living.

A Lot of people already got it.

My girlfriend and I are pretty sure we already got this thing like 3 weeks ago. Apparently there was an outbreak at Travis Air Force Base and the timelines sync up pretty well. This thing has been circulating around in America for a month or more now. The exponential growth rates of viruses in general haven't triggered the fear factor until now.

Gestation periods:

On average, one person gives the virus to 2.2 other people. The virus has a very long gestation period in many cases. You could have it for two weeks and not even know. Given these numbers, it's easy to see why it would take a while for a full out outbreak to occur.



Corona Virus makes you very tired and attacks the lungs. Not everyone experiences the same things. My illness started out with a very strange sore throat. I wasn't sure if I was getting sick or if I was having some kind of weirdly mild allergic reaction to something. The next morning I woke up I was sick. The soar throat was worse (but still mild) and I had a fever.

It's been a long time since I had a fever, and again, this one felt weird. I never get tired when I'm sick. I always just take it easy and hang out on my computer playing video games or writing blogs or programming or whatever. I could not do that this time around. I was fully exhausted for 2 days and I found myself in bed a lot more than usual. My girlfriend was very surprised to see me in bed, because she always tells me to go to bed when I'm sick and I'm always like "Nah, fuck that I'm good; bed is boring."

After that I acquired a cough. This thing targets people that have lung conditions. Do not smoke anything if you get sick. My cough was not horrible but three weeks later I still have it. I can see how certain people with asthma or whatever else could be in big trouble.

Again, not everyone has the same symptoms. I talked to another person who may have had it 3 weeks ago as well. She said he was exhausted for for 5 days (contrary to my 2 days) and she had a splitting headache (I never get headaches). Although... when I get sick I will develop a migraine if I absorb too much high frequency light via my computer screen.

Now that I think of it, I was developing that migraine very abnormally quickly during this illness, and I wore my blue-blocker glasses the entire time to avoid it. That ended up working pretty well. Also, I've just 'recently' lost 50 pounds from better diet and exercise, and I don't push myself very hard at work. All these factors could have made it milder for me.


What's the big deal?

The ultimate thing I'm trying to say here is that this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. Even if I haven't had the disease yet, it is already well documented that 80% of cases are in fact mild and comparable to a regular illness. Many people who have already gotten it don't realize they have and many people who haven't gotten it are terrified that it's going to kill them or someone they know.

The Big Deal

I think the biggest problem with Corona Virus is the fact that high risk patients require medical assistance. These high-risk patients go to a hospital to get that assistance, and they expose a ton more high-risk patients to the illness in that process. Yeah, that's obviously not great. If you're already in the hospital for something else you sure as shit down want Corona Virus on top of what you're already dealing with. Once the hospitals fill up, doctors are having to make the hard choices of who lives and how dies. Patients are being turned away.

Who is high risk?

As with all outbreaks like this, children and the elderly are at risk. What's that you say? Children are not at risk? (More on this later). Other than the elderly, the primary risk factor are those with lung problems. After that, anyone with autoimmune disorders is in trouble (because they are literally in trouble with any virus). That's about it.

  • Elderly
  • Lung Problems
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Everyone is is freaking out over this thing outside of these groups is out of their element.
Of course, don't go giving any hugs to Grandma.

temper tantrum.jpg

Not children? WTF?

Personally I think it's amazing that this thing isn't killing kids. This is unprecedented. There's some speculation that COVID's attack on the lungs is dependent on environmental factors. Because kids haven't been sucking down chemicals and pollution into their lungs for 40 years they're in the clear.

It's almost like the virus is doing us a favor by only targeting the old farts who got the economy into this mess in the first place. Wow, I haven't even had the chance to talk about how this whole thing is a scapegoat yet.

Let me be very clear:

Someone needs to be blamed for this impending economic collapse. Nothing has been fixed since 2008. In fact, all those factors have become worse. The unsustainable debt bubble will not be fixed with more unsustainable debt. We need to crucify someone. I thought it was going to be Trump and other world leaders. God forbid you blame the central banks, corporations, and unfettered greed that got us into this mess. That's not happening, it needs to be someone else.

Or something else.

Enter Corona Virus. Who could have ever predicted that a pandemic would be the reason our economy fell?!? LOL! C'mon! Really? Yep, it's happening right before everyone's eyes. We don't even have to put the blame on a person or even a group of people. Clearly, it is the virus' fault.

"Bitcoin is not a store of value"

"Bitcoin is not a safe haven asset"

That's what everyone is seeing, correct? Because one day of price action tells the whole story? Look, friends: This bear market is going to last over a year. It will probably last even 2 and possibly 3 years. What a coincidence this is an election year. I wonder who will win (not).


Bernie Sanders (obviously)

The second Trump got elected I was like oh shit Bernie is next for sure. This 'democracy' is an illusion. All these events seal the deal 1000%. The fishtail must continue. First we had Trump, who made all the rich people money... now we will have Bernie, who will make all the rich people money once again... but in a different way. Both sides of the spectrum serve the same master. Get ready to pay that carbon footprint tax... the UBI tax... and whatever else.

The lost year.

They are already calling this the lost year; the year of no gains. Has anyone noticed that Bitcoin already lost that year in a day? The fair market value of Bitcoin in my eyes is $8000. We dropped to $4000 in a day! That's legendary. The odds are good that we don't have to wait a year for that year to be lost. We already lost it. The rest of the economy will flounder for an entire bear market.

The bounce back is going to be real.

Imagine what's going to happen when the Fed keeps printing out TRILLIONS. Imagine the stock market slowly falling over the next 12. What is Bitcoin going to be doing during this time? I'm guessing quite well. We already lost the year.

Remember that Bitcoin has a lot of centralized tethers. Centralized exchanges, ties to multiple corporations, Tether coin itself and other stable coins. When the legacy economy crashes... Bitcoin will crash too due to this tether. However, the weak hands get flushed out pretty damn fast. If Bitcoin is one thing, it's volatile.

A lot of people are going to see this one day of blood in the streets as definitive proof that Bitcoin is not going to do well during this crisis. However, this drop in the legacy economy was caused by a century of unsustainable practices. Bitcoin's drop was only caused by it's tether to the legacy economy. The farther it drops, the weaker that tether gets.


Once Bitcoin shows it's stronger than the stock market, the stock market will reenter and we'll get a whole new round of FOMO and ridiculous volatility. Bitcoin can only anchor the economy if its market cap is higher than the economy's. The anchor must be heavy enough to actually stop the ship from being lost at sea. It currently is not. We are being dragged on the bottom.

The halving event is coming in 2 months. Again, this is bearish on the short-term and mega bullish on the long term. I'm going to be price averaging in over the next 3 months to get the best spread. The volatility here must be contained.

However, 2021 still is on track to be a great year for Bitcoin; maybe the best one ever. In fact, I expect we will retake the doubling line before the end of the year and make it back to 12.8k. Wouldn't that be something?


Corona Virus is not a big deal. The establishment is making it a big deal because it serves their needs. As more and more people get the Corona Virus and recover from it just like every other illness, these fear cycles will dissipate.

The economy was fucked long before COVID came around. Don't be fooled into thinking it is the real problem. The catalyst to the problem is not the problem. Don't shoot the messenger. Don't underestimate Bitcoin when it needs you the most and you need it the most.


The key to trading Bitcoin is to lower volatility. Price-cost average. Never be all in or all out. Always give yourself the wiggle room to maneuver no matter what happens.

Stop fishtailing.


I stopped buying toilet paper years ago, I just use my rug


The economy was fucked long before COVID came around. Don't be fooled into thinking it is the real problem. The catalyst to the problem is not the problem.

People won't realize this. They'll see the market top and associate it with the Corona hysteria starting at the same time. But there have been cracks in the the global economy that have been around since September, (since Dec 2018, Jan 2018, 2015-16, etc.) that governments have been successful at covering up. The timing is definitely convenient for them to implement massive bailout programs to reset things.

I'm not going to say they have anything to do with the virus or response to the virus. I don't attribute malice to ignorance until given sufficient proof of malice. But I won't be surprised if they don't take advantage of the moment. Because they have been pretending to have "control" for years, but this definitely caught them off guard (thus the massive collapse of multiple assets).

People are panicking and some funds (and intuitions) are rolling over and are desperately trying to liquidate. (Why else would Gold drop 4% and Silver 8% today when they have some of the most religious HODLers out there?) Cash is overvalued and I would be surprised when things don't improve as quickly as people expect for scarce assets to turn around. Gold moved down in 2008, before making a 100% move starting after the downturn. I would expect Bitcoin (and some cryptocurrencies) to experience a similar massive move (more than 100% of course) in the next year or two.

Everyone is look to the government to save them, what happens IF the government falls short? It managed to survive 2008. Maybe it will survive another round, with a massive loss in confidence. But if we continue to play the same game, we'll have to ask what happens WHEN the government falls short?

Yeah, people need to grow up.

Corona Virus is not a big deal.

Probably too early for that conclusion? What if we’re two weeks behind Italy? Right now, their hospitals are overwhelmed.

When his sister died after contracting the novel coronavirus, Luca Franzese thought that things couldn’t get much worse.
Then, for more than 36 hours, the Italian actor and mixed martial arts trainer was trapped at home with Teresa Franzese’s decaying body, unable to find a funeral home that would bury her.
"I have my sister in bed, dead, I don’t know what to do," Franzese said in a Facebook video over the weekend, pleading for help. "I cannot give her the honor she deserves because the institutions have abandoned me. I contacted everyone, but nobody was able to give me an answer."

Add it to the pile of totally fucked up shit that happens every day. This is a worldwide pandemic. Of course there will be horror stories that fuel the nightmare.

All I'm trying to say is that the panic here is potentially much worse than the actual disease. I feel like you've added to that panic by picking out this story. What are the chances of something like this happening to you or someone you know? Was the sister in the huge risk demographic? So many questions. So much fear.

A friend of mine was just at Target. He said all the frozen pizza was gone. When there’s panic buying at cannabis dispensaries, that’s when we’ll know that the crisis has peaked. Smooth sailing after that as things calm down.

Tried to upvote - 'it' wouldn't let me...MMmmmm - maybe corona virus infects computers too! lol

Global Research isn’t exactly a reliable resource. For what it’s worth though, a Chinese official has glommed onto the Global Research claim.

And I’ve seen several sources claiming the exact opposite, that the virus was bio-engineered in Wuhan (then accidentally released there).

Meh. We may never know the real source.

Oddly though, we haven’t heard anything more (for at least a month) about the supposed bat/snake source from that “wet market” in Wuhan.

Last I heard they attributed it to a pangolin ant eater.

I'd almost be willing to bet that the US was complicit


Yeah, I mean I wouldn't be surprised.

me neither!!

When this first started happening in China and they released the first reports out over some shared data base so all scientist could start working on sharing information to help identify what they were dealing with there was a man who used to work for the government until he blew the theory on the anthrax thing said similar to what your linked story is saying, he said there was only one lab in the world who carried a strain in this virus and I think it was the lab the article mentioned. His theory though, if I remember right, was that they may have intentionally planted it into the lab up in Canada that the Chinese scientist were kicked out of for stealing lab samples and it was one of the samples they stole

Maybe so.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Finally one rational person that think what I think!!!
I live in Italy and here all people are totally fucked up!!
I believe that after this period there will be an exponential growth of psychiatric cases!! They are all crazy sheep!!
This is a mental global experiment, and it is having huge success!
One of the first step to reduce our freedom at all!
Just to give an example, some days ago I went to the house of a dear friend of mine that I've known since childhood, and he didn't let me into his house because he was afraid that I could infect him!! I was like:"What?? Are you serious??"
This all thing is 1000 times worse than the racism...
See you soon here, and great post!!

Sadly true.

show me that corona virus!

I think it's 5G 60Ghz tests


You see the point. As always. Happy to see "awoken" people!
The world is crazy now, people are controlled biorobots... Let's look for another planet to live on?:)

You thinking Mars or one of Jupiter's moons?

Maybe something further?;) something unknown for humanity and unacceptable for stupidity

Perhaps we'll travel the stars on a beam of light.


the economy was already showing signs that things are about to go really bad even before the coronavirus came into existence,so the coronavirus is not the major thing which caused problem in the global economy...@edicted

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No more eating ass then.

damn globalists.

Bandage Toilet Paper:

Having toilet paper is good. But yaaaaaaa gotta do more than just that, I say to people. Like, toilet paper might be like a bandage so to speak and it may not be enough. It is surface level reaction to bigger issues.

Hiding Under Guises

Two issues: First, we need to be building up our immune system more and more like you said, @edicted, and secondly, we should be fighting those who try to take our freedoms under the guise of pretending to save us.

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