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Malta also turned into orange travel advice. The battle for making masks mandatory in visiting public places. Russia is making large steps in getting a vaccine done. It seems like everything in the world is Covid-19 at the moment. And actually that is not only just a thought, that is actually the truth. Because the upcoming years will be defined in the steps which are made this year in defeating the Covid situation. What are your thoughts?



I am not just talking about how healthcare will be defined in all new forms. For instance at the moment in hospitals here in Holland so many check ups which are non physical but just the talking doctor-patient conversations are done by phone. And for the majority of the patients this actually is not a bad thing. Often there is a brief conversation if all is still the same of has changed. When changed, then the patient can still come in for a psychical check up.

One of the most difficult thing in this situation is you have to filter by phone your 'gut' feeling on how the patient is doing. Not everybody is always as open about their condition (even while talking to medical professionals) and also not everybody sees a symptom as an 'alarming' situation. It is not easy to filter out, and I wonder how the statistics of this will look over a couple of years/months on 'miss or late' diagnoses.

Also the amount of resources are difficult to estimate at the moment. Of course you want your PPE (personal protective equipment) for when sh&t hits the fan again, but how much can you store versus how much can still be delivered world wide? In the first wave there was a major issue with getting materials. Is this better now (if you look at normal material atm in ordering it is a disaster) or will everthing be done once things go South again. Loads of question, and absolutely no answers.

Our social life


So many things have changed already in how we fill up our free time. Music festival with thousands of people already seem like light years away. When going into a resturarant we need to wear masks and after being seated the waiter will still have his/hers masks on. If your look closer the majority of the people are taking their masks on and off with touching the outside of it and after that touching your plate/glass/bill which makes this is all nearly to all useless. Sometimes my hospital heart hurts a bit while observing how people are using their masks and wondering if this will only make it worse. Currently it is summertime in Europe and most of our lives is outside. But what will happen when everybody moves back inside. When all these people are coming back from their vacations. When everybody comes back out of a plane?

Businesses dependent on people dropping over like most leisure fields are having it so difficult, and the rules are changing nealy every week. you have to be more than flexibel and extremely dedicated to make you establishment work for the next period of time. When will these businesses tip over or decide to choose a new sector?



At the end of every month it almost feels like a gamble what the stock market will do now. The funny thing is often that great businesses have an idea on how their losses will be (better said: how much less profit they are making), and on that thought you see the stock dropping or not.

Money is being printed faster than drugs are in made in Colombia at the moment, leaving is all wonder what the actual value of money will be left over at the end of this. Is inflation going to be the biggest issue? Will gold take over, will cryptocurrency take over? Nobody knows these answers but there are enough questions to be asked about.

So if one is telling you that they are tired of Covid-19 news? Well buckle up, this will define our lives of how we know it for a longer period as we think. And a vaccine? I am sceptical about this. Are you the one that is willing to try the first batch to see what the long term effects on this are? I will take my chances for a little while until it is better thought out and not only about who is the fastest in making it


I believe you are right, @karinxxl. Covid will define our lives for some time yet. I too will wait for the vaccine. A few months is not adequate time for proper testing. It will also be some time before economies recover. Life as we knew it is gone. There will be a new way of life that we will have to get used to...

the vaccine feels more like a pissing contest than quality. And it also has to work on everyone and that surely can not be tested so fast. And also...how will it be distrubuted to 7 billion people, that will take a good while and also will give a lot of sad stories I am afraid

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