Too soon for Covid-19 memes?

in covid-19 •  15 days ago 

Probably. But a little humour during these desperate times works for me.







Have a nice day at home all!

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Ha ha I got a stack of the stuff... where the hell is @buttcoins at when someone creates such an elegant meme and business idea.

I reckon he's crazy enough to invest in this idea!

The mind boggles at what he could use as a wallet 🤯

Hell yeah... fill my wallet with buttcoins! I’m already in!

It is never too early for quality memes.

Good! 😁



LOL i'm laughing through the pain



Daily life.

I'm sure it isn't but there will be added pressures on families for the coming months.

Be like Buddha!

Be like Buddha!




Thanks for sharing! 😁


He's always been a loud-blinker Asher.

I’ve called my brother worse!

As have we all. Lol.

Lol. Never too soon



Got to laugh, but could be the future! :O

It very well could be!




lol :D

56 Virus Outbreak.PNG

56 Coronavirus Toilet Paper Mind Control.PNG



It's never too soon 😂

Covid 19 makes my life to be boring nowadays

Be safe and hopefully we will be free by the summer 😁

hahahaha that buttcoin one was good

There is a @buttcoins here too :)


haha that one is good too!

The last three are gold!

Pressure on the family and marriages when you are locked up all day. I’m sure humour will get you through though 😬

Humour and some rumpy pumpy. Lol.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

That too. I did read that divorces would rise. I was initially thinking, like you, that something else would be rising :)

Haha...Yeah...What's the emoji for a dick? Banana? Eggplant?



Hi there

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I like freedom of choice and so will choose where I post based on my needs at the time, I think that's all any of us can do.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

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