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RE: Cross Culture question : The monotony of the American suburbs - My hometown

in #corssculture3 months ago

I have this tiny ass little hometown, basically all anyone from here has to do is look at my blog and they would instantly know who I am XD

And it has simultaneously changed a lot and not changed a bit. And I would move back forever if I could but I can't because reasons.

Sounds like you come from the type of suburb some of my friends and I refer to as "residential hell", lots of similar boring houses and not much else XD


Well aesthetically it's not bad! We aren't as cookie cutter as this. All the houses are unique. And there are enough trees around, unlike some of the newer places. But yeah, zoning laws means everyone stays inside or in their backyard most of the time. No one walking around except to walk dogs.

If it were full of friendly weirdos and punks maybe I'd like it!