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RE: Cross Culture question : The monotony of the American suburbs - My hometown

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This is very interesting and also captivating. I wonder how long it takes for someone to perfect his writing skills the way you did. You were able to express yourself exactly the way you conceived the thought.

It appears that you are not one of those that have very strong attachment to their hometown and I believe that that could be associated to the adventurous nature that you possess.

This adventurous nature also made you to be very open-minded in your approach when interacting with people from different race. It's also good to read that you know quite a lot about Asia so, be ready to answer all my questions whenever I have what it takes to travel to Korea.


Sometimes I feel bad complaining about my hometown. It has everything that most people are looking for, but I think once they achieve it, most of them still feel empty, and that was what I saw growing up. We were doing alright to live in such a town, but in a rich town we were below average income and I saw how no matter how high someone gets, if they don't have peace in their heart, they will always want more. So it's a bit of a bad taste, though to fair, if you changed the peoples attitude and a few minor laws about what you can do in public (it's a little too strict), it COULD be paradise.

And yeah as far as different race goes, I don't usually notice it except when we have different stories and experiences and those are just interesting to me. The only time it gets tricky is when someone wants you to change to be more like them, but I am uncomfortable with that among "my own people". Actually my people are the ones who like to mix and match and experiment and explore.

Thank you for seeing that 😃.

Hahahah... Your itching fingers always makes you to type more than the average Hivers and the same goes for your videos. You just like it lengthy and that's nice. As far as l don't see you fighting with house flies in the background 🤣

Yeah... Alot of people in my part of the world would trekk to your hometown if they are given an opportunity to do so. Personally,Korea is a place that l would have to be and that's why l was very impressed to see that you have also crossed paths with them.

Hehh... I'm also at -000000.000½ in the language but l just want to be there and possible work there.

Well Done ✅
You are doing weell

If you make a post about why you are interested in Korea send me a link ok?

Okay... I will do that

I'm in a tricycle heading to my place of service under the NYSC program. You already know about that so, no need for further explanation

I will make a Korean Post Later 🏃