Quarantine Diaries: Day 123

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I’ve been doing these #quarantinediaries posts sporadically over the last few months. Yeah, okay, they’re a bit formulaic. Usually some intro words about some effect that the coronapocalypse is having in my little neck of the woods, always a bunch of links to stories about Covid-19 and/or the socio-economic wreckage left in its wake, and frequently ending with a link to a YouTube video, often one by Chris Martenson. I have no idea how many folks here have actually then clicked on those vids to see what Chris has to say. I’ve long been a reader of PeakProsperity.com, the website that he and business partner Adam Taggert run. It’s inexcusable that I’m not yet a Premium member there, I really need to start giving them some filthy lucre. They put out tons of useful information (a great starting point would be The Crash Course).

Before you wander off to another part of Hivelandia, I strongly suggest that you, right now, go read the latest blog post by Chris:

A Serious Message From Chris Martenson: Time is running short to brace for impact


Coronavirus News and Analysis:

Equities: A Massive Warning Of Un-Sustainability

China’s Second Wave of Coronavirus Censorship Is Here

I was arrested, jailed and assaulted by a guard. My ‘crime’? Being a journalist in Trump’s America

The U.S.' new default coronavirus strategy: herd immunity

The United Kingdom briefly flirted with this strategy before abandoning it in favor of containment.
Sweden embraced the model and, as the NYT reported earlier this week, saw thousands more deaths than its neighbors with nothing to show for it economically.

White House Pushes FDA on Hydroxychloroquine Again

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Here immunity might be impossible since it seems it can be caught more than once.

Hey, thanks @preparedwombat. I appreciate the mention and post beneficiary. Keep safe. 😀