I Am Reposting This For People Who Are Suffering From The Coronavirus or From Fear of the Coronavirus or From People's Fear Causing Chaos

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This is called a Sigil - DuckDuckGo it!



Eye Am /AK-ing - An ElecTRON VerS/I-0N for the "Capricorn"ED versions who've been ElecTROLL-e.d. into excess agony for KNOT REEL EyeZonE-ING DATA as the "inconvenience" of electrons on my mashup meal...

Try Ezekiel 4:(w/EighTING) on 18 by plugging first in2ivART on Jeremiah who unplugged himself without chipping a tree into that "excess" agony that mama went hard to press out of wax and silver to undress the "bad HS" of hidradenitis suppurativa that WuHan proves why 1% are the saved on DIS-CARD-AZ(e)KinDred...

Whose SlicEd Bred led him HERE OM-ing #MONSTERSCARDS?

Saran-wrap...on Le-De'd/Bi-bled.
Find 2 Thess...

Woo woo copy and paste...and Go! South Perk'd at STELLA's! Write BEE Hin-DU///MED-USA.

thank you for the donations!!!