Waiting on the results



We will know in 48 - 72 hours


Faith has been sick the past few days and has had most of the symptoms of the coronavirus, so she went in and got tested yesterday afternoon. She went to the Instacare facility near our home and had to wait an hour and a half in her car for the doctor to call her and tell her they were ready for her to come inside to be seen.

When she got inside, the doctor basically spent the whole time trying to tell her that she didn't need to be checked for COVID-19 and that she was fine, without even listening to my wife at all. Faith explained over and over that she works with the public all day long, that her employees are high risk since they are elderly and have underlying health issues, that I work with public all day as well and that due to my lung issues from last year, I am considered high risk, so she is not going to leave without getting tested.

So long story short, they ended up sending her to another hospital that was has the ability to test for the virus. When she got there, they had tents set up outside, and she had to drive up to the area, and then people in suits came out of the tents and did the test while she was sitting in her car.

So now we wait...

This whole ordeal is what is wrong with our healthcare system here in the US. When we have people that are requesting to be tested, are showing symptoms, are willing to pay for the tests, they try and tell us NO.

Utah has just had its 19th confirmed case of COVID-19 here. The number of people walking here in the state infecting others is drastically higher because people refuse to get tested, refuse to quarantine themselves, and they also are in the incubation stages where they have no symptoms. It is spreading like wildfire right now and people aren't even aware of it.

For all of you out there that have been affected by the virus so far, stay safe. For everyone else, prepare for it and take care of yourselves and your families. People are acting stupid out there.

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Oh dear! Hope it comes back negative otherwise that would be an issue for the whole family. Do you guys have masks and gels for normal dialy use?

Malaysia reported higher case today 190, I agree that it is spread like wildfire. Hope the result come back negative!

Saw the rise in cases in Malaysia today, wonder what happened?

It is because of the religious gathering. Government still working hard to track them now.

Hopefully it slows down there in Malaysia.

I hope too but based on the situation now, am not sure.

Damn, that sucks. I've heard similar stories as well. People being shuffled from hospital to hospital when showing symptoms. Our healthcare is total garbage.

Yep, our health care is crap.

I'm sorry to hear she's sick. It must be very stressful.

I drove by some bars last night, lots of people still out there and one even had a line out the door. This type of person might be the asshole who will be taking up the hospital bed and ventilator when you or a loved one who did their best to avoid infection ends up getting it while shopping for necessary things. I guess not everyone is going to get with the program immediately but at this point, it's willful ignorance.

Thanks man. I really appreciate it. Ya, we are doing our best to try and avoid crowded areas as best as we can. I hate being around people anyways. This just gives me more reason to stay away from them. lol

Estonia has 171 Confirmed cases. Some drastic measures are taken here, borders are also closed now. Like in many European countries. I heard that in Austria, gatherings over 5 people are banned.

I wish you well and good results!

Hopefully, things will end up well for you and your family

They have stopped testing people here as well, because there is a lack of tests... even if people have all the symptoms. Crazy times. Hope you'll both be fine!

I hope all goes well

Oh no, that's bad to hear! Take care of yourself, my friend. I remember your lung problem, which was very serious indeed. You should take extreme care, just for prevention, and I wish your wife's test was negative.

Thank you.

That is just unbelievable, @derangedvisions. It's the very reason it won't be contained: people who think their health only affects themselves. The doctor who would not test your wife even though she has the exact symptoms and works with a vulnerable population should just be fired on the spot.

Yep, people need to think about others in these types of situations.

Truly sorry to hear that my friend. I hope that the test is negative, and she gets better soon.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I hope all goes well


Hope the results are good! Stay safe.

Thank you

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Oh..dear i do hope it comes back negative praying for you guys 🙏 🙏

Hey dude, sorry to hear this. Good luck, all the best, and keep us up to date.

Praying that Faith will be checked out negative for COVID-19!
But the most important is the home got to be sanitized at the moment and she would need to wear mask and quarantine herself from everyone for a short time.

The important part is to know that flu is actually deadlier than COVID19 in the States so but the spread is faster. As long as everyone is keeping personal hygiene well the risk can be lowered a lot.

Wishing her well and praying for her
(+ lots of vitamin c!)

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That is very bad to hear that the doctor doesn't want to test Faith. 😰 If people have that same frame of mind, then we will never be able to control Covid-19. 😭😭

Hope Faith's exam would be negative.