Untangled Knots #4 : Optimism at the End of the World

in #corona11 months ago

Stole the title from a series of articles I wrote and may continue writing one day, Vincent and I talk about our perspective on this big bad "Thing" that everyone is concentrating on now. For anyone who is having a hard time feeling positive right now, this is a must-listen. We share what we are doing under in this situation and how we manage to stay positive. The end is the best part so I hope you make it that far!

Please leave a comment and tell us what you are doing to stay productive or how you are staying positive right now.

Untangled Knots is a podcast where we share our ideas about creativity and self development and other fun. Zack is a dude in the city and Vincent is a dude in the country (usually).


I always make it to the end of the podcast but my comprehension skills don't x_x stil had giggles in places. You're still both pleasant to listen to XP

I'm cooking great meals and eating like a king. I'm spending a lot of time outdoors with my dog. I'm sleeping like 10 hours a day. I'm doing a lot of online volunteering and organizing volunteering mutual aid. I'm actually pretty well other than not being able to go hang out at my family houses the way I used to.