JAHMFEST Cancelled Amid Growing Concerns over Covid19 & SteemHostileTakeover

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With all the uncertainty taking place around the world in relation to the Corona virus, we have decided to postpone JAHMFEST indefinitely. JAHMFEST is an event that has to be planned for months in advance by those who want to attend, speakers and by us the organizers. We know it is not the type of event that most can just spontaneously attend. While we have the strong urge to carry on, we want to avoid any situation that may be unfavorable to those wanting to attend and to ourselves. At this point, travelling and conferences are not high priority to many and it wont be for months to come.

The Corona virus at this point has forced many events in Jamaica to be canceled, events that have been running for years. To date, there are 10 confirmed cases of the virus on the island. The government is being very proactive and taking the necessary precautions to control the spread at this early stage. The island has imposed strict travel restrictions for individuals from China, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and most recently the UK. Only citizens and exempt individuals will be able to land from these regions and they will be under quarantine. Schools on the island will be closed for 14 days ( effective March 13th) with a review in 10 days. At this point the virus has just started on the island and it is said that it could possibly lock down Jamaica for the next a 3-5 months according to Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health & Wellness.

On the blockhchian, uncertainty also looms with #SteemHostileTakeover. It is an uphill battle of tact and timing to invite guest speakers from Steem, as many of them are highly involved in securing the chain. We honestly have no clue what steem will look like in June. A hard fork - classic Steem? Steem tron? Or maybe even a completely different name and chain?

With all this uncertainty we felt it was best to postpone JAHMFEST indefinitely. Though we have hope that the virus will disappear as fast as it came about, though we believe steem will prevail and reach great heights, we have to be very cautious. We made our decision from a well- being as well as a business perspective.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this cancellation may have created. But it was a decision that had to be made due to the current circumstances.

Please be safe in these uncertain times and take the necessary precautions.

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Bummer, but the whole word done turned upside down right now. We are stuck in Suriname indefinitely, lost our opportunity for the reggae bar in Batumi, Georgia due to this hot mess. In times like these we need a Vaughn Benjamin interview, but he has ascended. I guess I need to see what Muta has to say about all this, although he’s not always the most rational one.

This isn't like anything our generation has lived through. But it is intersting to see how it is reshaping the world and exposing flaws. At the same time the system is taking advantage. Jah knows what is best, better opportunities will arise for you and your family though it looks dark now. Vaughn would give some great insight, Muta will make us laugh with perspectives.

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Yes-I, I haven't listened to Cuttin' Edge in a while. I can't even imagine what Muta is saying about all these world events.


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You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here: https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

It saddens my heart to hear of this. It would have been a wonderful occasion.

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It is sad indeed, but later is greater. Respect always.

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We should unite together and be aware

Yes, you are absolutely right. And keep the unity during and after adversity.

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Sad to see that the events of the last few weeks both here on STEEM and around the world with the Coronavirus outbreak have conspired to cause this cancellation.

Big respect for the team, I know how excited you were to put on JAHMfest, and this must have been a bitterly disappointing decision to make.

Stay safe everyone.


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Disappointing indeed but better to be safe than sorry. It is intersting how all events around the world are perfectly aligned in the perfect storm. But after the storm the sun will shine again, especially in Negril, Jamaica.

Thanks for all your support JK, it is appreciated.

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I just hope that all this has happened, and that the initiative of the Festival can be taken up again, even though I'm in Venezuela and I know I won't be able to attend, I want to see many publications of the Festival once it's done. Greetings, hugs and blessings!

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Thanks for your comment. Once the smoke has cleared we will take it from there. The entire situation is a learning experience in many ways. We are looking forward to those publications from JAHMFEST as well:) Thank you.

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Safety first.
The future is gloomy.
#reggaesteem rocks!
#jahmfest is in our mind.

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That is right, we have to play it safe in this cross storm that is upon us. Sill very optimistic about the future.

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A wise decision and I understand the difficulties involved.
I hope all stay safe, look after each other and we come through this together - in both cases.

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Thank you for your supportive words @shanibeer, they really mean a lot. Yes, we shall get through it all together. Through adversity we get stronger and grow together. Thank you. And be safe over there.

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This announcement makes total and absolute sense.

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For sure. Too many uncertainties. Tough decision but the right one.

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