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Did you know that if you are making chocolate chip cookies (or whatever), and you discover that your brown sugar is as hard as a rock, you can fix that? Just pop it in the oven on a low temp for ten minutes or so (you might need to adjust this depending on how much/what container/altitude/how soft/etc.). It works! I went from a brick of brown sugar to cookie deliciousness:

WIN_20190813_18_13_21_Pro (2).jpg
pardon my messy counter

I've been using this trick for a while now and it was kitchen-altering! LOL

The reason why it works is because of the reason why brown sugar gets hard in the first place: it's the molasses in the sugar that's crystallizing and becoming your sugar mortar. All brown sugar is is white sugar with the molasses added back in - not left in mind you, added back in. Heating it up melts the molasses, and it becomes malleable again. :)

This tip brought to you by the word NOM, the letter C, and the number 27 (as in, how many cookies I got out of that batch). :D

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Great tip Phe, and I lol'd at the last paragraph :) :) :) Good memories... <3 <3

2 is the minimum!!

Oh and I wanted to mention the only way I used to know to soften brown sugar was to put a little peeling of potato or apple in there, but your method is great for the "surprise" hard brown sugar when you go to bake and you don't have time to wait for the peel to do its magik!

I hadn't heard of your method before, either! That's good to know.
I had previously bought a "brown sugar bear" which is a terracotta piece shaped like a teddy bear that you get wet and then leave in your brown sugar to keep it soft, but the results were ...minimal, at best.
How long does the apple peel take?

It usually works within a day to get the whole bag to be soft again <3<3<3 Brown sugar bear sounds cute, too bad he sucked hehehee

Ahhhhh, good to know!
Yeah, like maybe I needed to use him differently? Soak him overnight and then keep it all in a Tupperware rather than in a ziploc? I should experiment. But I've just been cooking it the last few times I needed to. LOL

Cooking it makes sense anyways because the oven is on to bake the om nom noms <3

Thanks for sharing! I hope there is weed in those cookies HA HA.

Nope, just all brown sugar instead of half&half with white, and double the chocolate chips the Nestle recipe calls for.
That is the secret to magick Phe cookies. So still special, just not "special." :D

Good call!

Interesting idea @phoenixwren, I rarely (if ever) cook sweet things,
Don't recall using brown sugar for anything in about a century.
I did try using the brown, unrefined sugar (can't remember
The name right now, but it is supposed to be better for you)
In my coffee for a little over a year, but it became too
Expensive and lumped too often in my little pour
Container, so I went back to using the bleached
White sugar (gasp!) in my coffee, the only site
I use granular sugar. Otherwise, I use honey,
Raw, unfiltered honey for my cereal, no
Jelly for me, honey and peanutbutter
Sammiches etc... post upvoted. ☺

Turbinado. Yeah, I like me some turbinado, but it is more expensive (which makes no sense since they are DOING LESS PROCESSING TO IT, but I digress... ) so I don't always get it. I've been getting the white cane sugar from C&H because it's specifically cane sugar and usually a good price.

I buy the cheapest white Kroger sugar I can find, because like I said
I only use it two teaspoons at a time per cup of coffee (x2) in the
Morning. 4 tsps per day I don't think will kill me. Honey is
Horrendously expensive too, but in the long run seems
To go further for me. Tastes better too, but not in coffee

I like honey in some things and not in others too. I can use it as part of the sweetener in my protein shake, but not all of the sweetener, because it would be way too overwhelming. You can taste it just by adding a splash, a definite honey flavor, not just sweet to counter the bitter of coffee and cocoa powder and tang of yogurt (the whey seems pretty mild in flavor). So I can cut some of the white sugar which is the usual sweet in there and sub in a bit of honey, but not too much.

Do you know that non-organic sugar is gmo crop? 😬

😁 haha nice! I was already craving cookies, but now i am really craving them 😬🍪❤

Come on down! ;)