Internet Control Bill Introduced

in control •  3 months ago 

Rahm Emmanuel is dancing a jig at this latest government action during a crisis. He said to never let a good crisis go to waste. What better crisis is there to get things done than a pandemic?

This article talks about how the gubernment says they are not targeting encryption but at the same time have to be able to approve messages? I have a lot more reading to do on this topic and bill but wanted to make sure the world of blockchain liberty and encryption are aware. Thank you for helping me out of hidden status.

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urgent : download i2p, freenet, bitmessage, zeronet, a torrent software... with those you are safe what ever they do... I mean it's hardcore lvl to breach the chinese firewall and co :) don't forget trails and co (usb full anonymous softwares). run all on virtual machines or dedicated systems.

you know a lot nutritree already in this domain... but I agree there is always more to know (bisq, openbazzar etc).

I have not tried any of those programs. I hope to make time here soon. Bookmarked.

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