Dragon Contest???

in contestmaybe •  11 months ago  (edited)

I've been regularly hosting Dragon contest on Whaleshares. How many of you would be interested to participate on Steemit? The reward would simply be my contest post's payout which tends to be >1$ ...
Any sponsors interested to help out? :)

The contest would be once per 2 weeks, as it takes me over an hour for a contest post to compile and send rewards etc... It's not that simple :)

Thank you!


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A Dragon Contest? Similar to the one you link above or exactly the one you linked above :)

It would be a lot like the Random Games I hosted ages ago ^^

Doesn't matter, the theme is different every week. It's not a very complicated contest haha. Dragons+ biweekly theme :D

If you run this and you needs sponsors, let me know, I'll help out :D

Hi !
I don't know if I'll have time to participate, but in principle I'm interested! I haven't been in a Steemit contest in a long time. If there's one theme that could bring me back, it would be "Dragons" ^^.
(It's all about drawing dragons, isn't it?)