Look the other way..

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A Meerkat pretending to ignore.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

Prompt / Theme: 'Real & Imaginary'.. 👽 Do you believe this world exists? Or maybe that we are in a digital simulation created by an advanced race?

Thanks to @tggr for the suggesting the Prompt / Theme.

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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I don't it could be a simulation coz there is nothing in this world which doesn't failed and no one has seen this digital simulation failing..

so, till it fails let's all believe that all this is real..😉😉😉

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Does it matter? To me, it's real. & it would be rather stupid to act just on the assumption that it might not be. I (try to) live my life as it suits me best, in disregard of any possible gods or virtual realities.

(Nice shot, btw.)


Nice attitude to it. Thanks for your entry 👍

After watching travelers maybe the simulation is one done by ourselves in the future where we send people back trying to see what we could do in the present to solve the problems in the future, issues like global warming, pollution, super bacterias, etc...

It's impossible to know, I don't really know which one I'm more inclined too accept tbh. I mean, we can't be sure of any, and we probably will never be sure of which one is true, so why keep trying to guess... just like religion tbh

I guess there is always a point in thinking where we need to just make a decision 👌 And as you say, often just moving on is that decision :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

i'm not sure but I don't think it's simulation created by an advanced race. It could be all in our minds though. 😊

Congrats on winning @gillianpearce. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍

What, then, are our minds....

Thanks for your entry 👍

thanks for the win @kiokizz. I appreciate it! 😊

My answer:

From my perspective I can't imagine anything more real than the reality I'm experiencing now 🧐

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It's real for sure 🙂 And cool photo!

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Good to hear :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

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I refuse to believe this life is a digital simulation. I can't imagine someone being in control of my life and making as many poor decisions as I do. Even someone bad at the game would have done a better job!

They wouldn't have your foresight though.. I like to think the same all though.

Thanks for your entry 👍

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Guess it would depend on how different this world is from the real world.

Guess it would depend
On how different this world
Is from the real world.

                 - bwar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I like your take on the bad decisions, but what if bad decisions are just very bad bugs in the code of the simulation?

Maybe my player is intentionally messing up my life...

Put down the control and back away from the console 😜

To be honest, I think our insignificance in the wider universe is kind of a giveaway for this whole messed up place to be real and not a result of someone's sick imagination.

Nice sum up of the situation 👌

Thanks for your entry 👍

Perhaps we're all in the Matrix ;-)

Disturbing to consider we have already fallen to AI..

Thanks for your entry 👍

Congrats on winning @gregan. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍

Thanks a bunch!

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@kiokizz, In my opinion Simulation is also possible but humanity is got the Free Will. There are many aspects which we don't understand and most of the times these aspects always stays in the darkness like a mystery.

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👽 🕹📺

Thanks for your entry 👍


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If I am a real being, my world must be real and I feel it and I live it day by day, however, if we look into quantum physics we will find things that can only be explained in one way.

I have already thought one thing and I have thought the opposite, there are things of this world that we can not understand and when we find an answer is accompanied by more questions.

I humbly consider myself without the answer and I accept that I don't have the capacity to find it, I can only live my life as if the world were real. And because if it were a simulation I should also live that way XD.

And because if it were a simulation I should also live that way XD ✔✔

Thanks for your entry 👍

The world looks pretty real to me.

Same 🤞

Thanks for your entry 👍

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